Eco Friendly Roofing Materials

The use of eco friendly roofing materials on a roof will create a 100 % natural environment that will offer insulating material for the property, take in rain water & provide a home for local wildlife. There are lots of different eco friendly roofing materials which can be installed on to your roof to allow this to happen and there are several environmentally friendly roof elements.

Creating The Ideal Platform

The addition of eco friendly roofing materials to create green roofs and living walls provides an ideal platform to create a gorgeous environmentallyEco Friendly Roofing Materials friendly open area on an otherwise ‘lost’ flat roof or podium deck.

Benefits not always considered by developers, including:

  • Improving the nearby surroundings by means of offering wildlife habitats
  • Increasing sound and thermal insulation
  • Lowering the amount of and velocity of rain water run-off by close to 50% and forming a component of a SUDS design
  • Decreasing the “heat island” effect in developed areas and helping to strengthen quality of air and environment
  • Defending the structure and waterproofing systems from UV, effect and abrasion, plant and bird infestation on the membrane
  • Ballasting inverted waterproofing technology
  • Optimising the structural footprint by means of extra space and an attractive natural area in often high density developments
  • Making the planning process much easier
  • Improving the valuation of the development

The use of these materials can help to create one of the 3 main versions of green roof solutions which are listed below:

Modular Green Roof System

Modular green roof systems are exceptionally well suited for a smaller green roof & the materials which will be used do not need to be installed by a qualified installation technician.

Modular green roof systems are extremely easy to put together as they come as full pre-grown units. They’re undoubtedly very effective & well established, so there is less potential for wind uplift or erosion in the crucial period of time immediately after set up.

Component Green Roof or Brown Roof

Component green roof solutions use eco friendly roofing materials to and have been designed for larger, more extensive green roof spaces. The vegetation employed in component green roof systems could be grass, sedum blankets, sedum/wildflower mixes, herbs or bio-diverse (brown roof) plants; each layer or portion is supplied individually in bag or roll form and installed separately as a “dry” build-up. This allows easy access to roof areas. This system is ideal for large areas, unlevel or more intricate decks because it is adaptable and “built into” the current framework.

This technique is ideal for extensive green roofs with a substrate level of between 70mm and 200mm.

Living Walls

Presenting many of the benefits of green roofs in terms of added value, water attenuation and efficiency, living walls utilise a wide range of eco friendly roofing materials to create are a marginally more recent deviation of green roof systems.

They offer all the benefits of green roofs in terms of added value, water attenuation & efficiency but with a further benefit of being able to produce more natural space in typically restricted places. They’re low maintenance, really appealing, highly visible & totally versatile.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the eco friendly roofing materials available from Wallbarn please give us a call on Tel. No. 0208 916 2222 or contact us via our Facebook page, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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