“D H Range”

Fixings & AnchorsThese fixings are designed for installations where a far greater tension load is required. The sheath and sleeve is made from polymide plastic but the nail is rust-proof metal with an integrated polymide cap.

The D H fixings is designed to be screwed into the structure. This will give a much firmer fixing on the vertical or horizontal plane.

DH Range

The sleeve diameter 8mm. This D H Range is sold in full box quantities of 200 pieces per box.

Tension load in concrete (NRk, ETAG 014) 0.4kN, anchoring depth min. 40mm
Tension load in solid brick (NRk, ETAG 014) 0.4kN, anchoring depth min. 50mm


Description &  Sleeve Diameter / length of pin

AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-090-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 90mm (box of 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-110-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 110mm (box of 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-130-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 130mm (box of 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-150-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 150mm (box of 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-170-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 170mm (box of 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-190-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER DH 190mm (box of 200 pieces)

Cap Fittings / Flange

Fixings & AnchorsA cover piece is also available for use with all three ranges above, a simple cover cop with surrounding flange, to dress the fixing area if required.

They are made from Impact Resistant Polypropylene and are sold in full boxes of 100 pieces.


Description &  Sleeve Diameter / length of pin

AF-DOWEL-THERM-COVER-Z Fixing Dowels THERMOMASTER Cover / flange (box of 100)

Caps & Plugs

Wallbarn also sells polystyrene caps and plugs, for where installers need to fill any cavity to prevent water collection or to ensure complete and overall thermal protection.
Where installers are drilling the cap piece of the fixing anchor through insulation boards, for example, they can fit the circular cap into the cavity.

Fixings & Anchors

If they are drilling the fixing anchor into place so that it is flush with the exterior surface but the metal nail fixing enters further, the cavity can be plugged easily with the dowel shaped cap.

Fixings & Anchors