Wallbarn introduces a range of roof outlets, vents and accessories. These products are designed to ensure that gutters and roof drainage outlets are properly protected and waterproof.

Roof Outlets and Collars Made From TPE, EPDM or PVC
Geotextile Fabrics
Since a vast amount of rainwater will fall onto the roof deck and be channelled into the drainage outlet, it is essential that this rainwater cannot find its way behind or beneath the waterproofing membrane at crucial points. Obviously the outlet holes are the most vulnerable parts of the waterproofing.
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Roof Vents & Aerators Made From TPE or PVC
Prograss Pre-Seeded Grass Textile
The concrete deck of the roof will need to breathe, so simply sealing it with a waterproofing membrane can lead to air or vapour building up and potentially casing stress and damage to that waterproof seal.
This is why vents are required across the roof, allowing that air or vapour to escape but preventing water entering the structure.
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Accessories For Outlets and Collars, Accessories For Reinforcing Waterproofing Systems
Geogrids And Soil Stabilisation Materials
A range of accessory products are available to give additional protection and help in ensuring the gulleys and gutters do not become blocked and that edges and details have additional protection.
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