Pro-grass fixings

More on the new fixing darts for Pro-grass fabrics.

These durable and strong darts are actually made from plant fibre, so will completely degrade over a period of eight months, leaving just the established grass or wildflowers in place.

The fabric itself also degrades over a shorter period, so there is no risk of sharp objects erupting out of the ground to injure people or animals.

Ask the sales office for more details…….and don’t buy Pro-grass without them!

Weed control membranes

We have a new range of weed control geotextile fabrics available, supplied in personalised packaging in a variety of roll sizes if required.

Please get in touch if you are interested in looking at further details

Pro-grass fixings and textiles

In case anyone is concerned about securing Wallbarn Pro-grass down, we have now available a range of small pegs for fixing the fabric down onto the ground to avoid wind uplift.

We discovered these accessories when we visited a golf course, which is looking into our Pro-grass textile. They are principally used to secure divots into the ground on golf courses so they can bed back into landscape.

These dart shaped stakes are driven right into the ground and leave very little showing on the surface, whilst maintaining a secure fixing.

They are made from plant fibre, measure 4′ or 6′ pegs and are completely biodegradable over a period of 8 months, meaning installers do not have to be continually surveying the grass to pick up pieces of wood or metal staples.

More soon including pictures.

Grand Designs Live

Interesting to go to the show this year -really feel that our supports system for decking is ideal for some of the designs being talked about. It would be interesting to hear some of the views of the experts on how planning rules might change in the coming months and years. Sadly I don’t have the time to go to all the seminars