Summer holidays……..please bear in mind

Although Wallbarn will still be open and working throughout the high summer period, part of the factory will be closed for maintenance for almost the whole of August.

We have made plenty of stock to cover this period, but if you have any largescale requirements in the next four weeks please inform us as soon as possible so we can schedule the final week’s production accordingly.

A new product

See our new waterproofing membrane – Pro-seal

Pro-seal is a pre-formed bituminous sheet membrane designed for safe and easy installation of waterproofing on concrete decks and foundation walls.

It is a durable, resiliant membrane which has a certian degree of self-healing, and contains a reinforcement mesh for extra strength.

It is ideal for vertical applications, and eliminates the mess and potential safety hazards of using liquid or super heated membranes for waterproofing.

Pro-seal offers applicators a top quality alternative to liquid applied membranes. It is a fast, easy to use way to ensure the waterproofed integrity of concrete structures. Please see our website – for more details