PAVING UP TO EDGES… and advice

PAVING UP TO and advice


When paving up to edges, parapet walls and drainage channels applicators can take advantage of our new smaller base plates for adjustable support pads.

These base plates designed to fit under all adjustable supports pads are only 150mm in diameter which means that the pads can be pushed directly up to the edge without risk of the slab above being unsupported.


Two slabs, rather than four corners, rest on each headpiece and those slabs can be butted directly up to the wall, making seamless paving across the whole area possible.


Please see page for more details.

Another week……another new recruit

Wallbarn is delighted to announce another new member of the team. Stephanie Hornett has joined us in the Sales Administration department to help customers with sales support and product information.

Please call the sales office on 01883 715983 for any help or advice on the most suitable products for your installation.

Welcome, Stephanie