Sustainable Drainage Solutions

Designers and installers can choose a more sustainable option by using recycled polyester fabrics on some applications. Although these materials do not

Recycled Polyester Geotextile Fabrics 1have the tensile strength and mechanical properties of the virgin fibre materials, where strength is not so much of an issue, recycled polyester fabrics can be used as an effective separation and filtration layer.

They have proved popular in applications such as green roof systems and temporary protection layers. We use recycled polyester fabrics within its own green roof systems, details of which can be found later in this brochure. We can supply a white recycled polyester fleece, coded PEI, or a multi-coloured polyester fabric, coded PEC.

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Faster and Easier Installation

Wallbarn can supply a very large range of geotextiles, made from different materials in a whole host of densities and weights. We can select the exact product for the needs of the client and provide both the best technical performance and the most cost effective solution.

Geotextile fabrics are available manufactured in polypropylene or recycled polyester. The material is supplied packed into tight rolls and we can supply material in a variety of roll sizes, from 1 metre wide up to 6 metres wide for very large-scale projects. These super-jumbo rolls make installation much faster and easier as there will be less individual rolls to sew or seal together – ideal for applications such as landfills.

Flexible and Permeable Solution

The prime material supplied by Wallbarn is a high tenacity polypropylene fabric (PPS). This has been designed to be flexible and permeable but has increased tensile and Polypropylene Geotextile Fabrics 13puncture strength, making it suitable for hard wearing applications such as landfills and reservoirs.

Its soft, cushioning properties mean it can be placed onto rough areas to prevent sharp objects from passing through into the system above but still allow the passage of water. This means sealing and waterproofing sheet membranes can be installed above them without the risk of ground settlement causing any damage above.

This material is also ideal for road and rail construction, as it can withstand the forces of heavy traffic over the long term. The high tenacity PPS grade polypropylene fabric has also been used as an effective protection layer for waterproofing membranes including single ply sheet membranes. The cushioning effect is seen as a major advantage.

It has been used successfully as a separation layer in inverted waterproofing systems, protecting the insulation from damage caused by the ballast. It can be used between layers of asphalt, in tunnels, foundations and airport runways.

High Performance Materials

The properties exceed those of the leading brands on the market and very high performance can be achieved using these fabrics in a wide manner of applications.

A second grade of polypropylene fabric is available called PPX. This is manufactured in a similar way to the high tenacity product, but it has slightly lower mechanical properties.

The PPEX offers a more cost effective option for simple filtration or erosion control. Where there is not the requirement for such high tensile strength, a whole range of fabrics are available which still match the performance of many of the leading geotextiles in the market in a wide range of densities and roll sizes.

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For more information regarding Wallbarn’s range of geotextile fabrics, please call Tel. No. 0208 916 2222.

Providing Proven Performance

Geoxtextile fabrics are renowned for providing highly effective, proven performance in transportation, environmental, construction and site development and storm water and erosion control needs.

Wallbarn has a huge variety of geotextiles which can be used to aid in reinforcing soils used for the construction of embankments, slopes and retaining structures by acting as a highly effective aid against the devastating effects of excess storm water and rain fall.

Whether it’s an embankment over soft soils, a highway slope, or a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall, Wallbarn will be able to work closely with you to find the most effective, long lasting solution resulting in both time and money being saved.

Geotextiles at Work

Below are some examples of geotextile being used in a “French Drain”, an underground perforated pipe which is wrapped in geotextile to prevent the holes clogging up. The water drains through the soil and into the perforations and into the pipe, which is laid to a fall to allow the water to run away. The area around the pipe is filled with stones or gravel to improve the drainage and the junction between the stones and the soil is covered with geotextile to stop the soil intermingling with the stones over time.

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For more information regarding Wallbarn’s range of geotextile fabrics, please call Tel. No. 0208 916 2222.

What Happens When The Weather Returns to Normal?

What Happens When The Weather Returns to Normal?

Although it may be difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the recent prolonged spell of horrific weather, it is crucial that thoughts start to turn towards what will happen when the weather returns to normal and the repair work can begin. 

Finding effective solutions offering lasting assistance should be the number one priority and this includes implementing methods which will prove to be effective when the rain returns in the future.

Effective Solutions

Because of their make-up, they are very strong and can tolerate a lot of ground movement and force, but they are permeable membranes, geotextile fabrics allow the water to pass Geotextile Applicationsthrough the membrane whilst holding all the soil in place. This radically improves the condition of the ground. The water is allowed to flow but erosion is prevented as the particles remain in the same place.

When the waters subside there is likely to be a lot of repair work being carried out in the next weeks and months, and the geotextile fabrics which we have available are used extensively in civil engineering works including sea walls, embankments, road construction and tunnelling.

High Tensile Strength

Our PPST geotextile fabric has very high tensile strength properties, meaning the fabric can be pulled laterally without breaking, so the fibres stay in the same place and do not stretch/tear, meaning consistent drainage is maintained throughout the fabric sheet and no weak spots appear. It is used as a soil stabilisation fabric in rail and road embankments, stopping landslips on steep slopes to a great degree.

Due to the size of the task in hand, our ability to supply a 6-metre wide roll can prove to offer significant savings in regards to time and labour. When you consider contractors laying massive coastal reinforcements or building-wide roads having to use multiple rolls of the geotextile and having to either stitch or heat weld each (100 m long) roll together, the benefit of having to do this with 6m wide rolls as opposed to 4.5m wide rolls is immense.

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