Green Roofing Benefits

Green roofing systems such as the one included in the video above can be a cost-effective way to keep water from running into sewer systems and causing overflows, Columbia University researchers have found.

Rainfall Retention

The Con Edison Green Roof, which is home to 21,000 plants on a quarter acre of The Learning Center, retains 30 percent of the rainwater that falls on it. The plants BetweenBricks_BusStop-036then release the water as vapor, the researchers said in the study (

Keeping Water Away From Drainage Systems

If New York City’s 1 billion square feet of roofs were transformed into green roofs, it would be possible to keep more than 10 billion gallons of water a year out of the city sewer system, according to the study led by Stuart Gaffin, research scientist at Columbia’s Center for Climate Systems Research.

The study concluded that based on the cost of building and maintaining a green roof it costs as little as 2 cents a year to capture each gallon of water.

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Looking for a Support Pad Offering Higher Clearances?

We are delighted to add a range of support pads offering higher clearances along with base plate levellers and locking sections to stop movement through the threads. These pads are called Mega Pads Extended Height Paving Support Pads.

Offering a Massive Range of Height

Designed to hold both suspended paving slabs and timber decking, these support pads have a massive range of height. We can supply fully lockable, telescopically Wallbarn Megapadsadjustable support pads from 22mm right up to 620mm.

These units can be used where very large areas built to falls require a large range of cavity across the whole area, or where voids are required to cover services, ducts, gulleys and steps.

Tough, Strong & Durable

They are also extremely tough and strong, with each support pad able to tolerate a weight of 800 kg. This is a much greater weight tolerance than other supports on the market.

They are extremely durable and secure as they are designed to be “locked” into place so there is no chance of slabs becoming unstable.

Easy to Install & Adjust

They are designed to be easy to install and adjust. For complicated areas slabs can be installed and then final minor adjustments can be made when the slabs are in situ, without the need for constant re-setting. It is significantly faster, cheaper and easier to use this range of support pads for finishes than by trying to lay additional screeds or fix false floors.

Case Study Available

For an example of Mega Support Pads in action please check out the following case study – MegaPad Support Pads – Picton Place off Oxford Street, London W1

This development had an asphalt roof where an inverted waterproofing system was being laid onto a complicated balcony area. For more please click here.




New Additions to the Team

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We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have added another 2 high-quality additions to our stellar team.

Paul Ninham, Sales Manager

Paul Ninham has joined as our sales manager for the northern region. He will be based near Liverpool and will be handling accounts across the north of the country, from Wallbarnthe Midlands up to the Scottish border.

He joins having had nearly 20 years’ experience selling paving, waterproofing systems and timber fixings through merchants and distributors. He has also carried out a lot of CPD and presentations to architects, engineers and consultants, and is able to offer a great deal of technical support to contractors and specifiers.

Nick Sharp, Sales Executive

Nick Sharp starts today as the sales executive for the South East and Anglia. He will be office based for some of the time so will be on hand to provide technical and sales support and advice for anyone who wants to call in to the sales office +44 0 208 916 2222, and will also be managing accounts in the South East and Anglia regions.

He has a strong sales history in a variety of industries, including financial services and leisure. He chose to leave the golfing industry because, as he said, he “yearned the glamour of construction!”

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If you are interested in joining the Wallbarn team or would like any further information regarding our rapidly expanding company, please check out the rest of the website.