Green Roof Systems – Information and Benefits

Green roof systems are really roof top gardens, a layer of vegetation growing up on the roof. There are many benefits provided by this time of roof and they can be installed in many different types of building including industrial and private residences. A green roof may consist of nothing more than 2 inch layer of hardy groundcover or be fully accessible with grass and trees.

Benefits of Green Roof Systems

There are many benefits to installing a green roof onto your business property or home. These include:

  • Energy efficiency and savings – a green roof will actively absorb heat and insulate a building which can reduce the necessity to cool or heat a property using other Green Roof Systems – Information and Benefitsmethods.
  • Reducing air pollution / green house gas emissions – lowering the need for air conditioning has many knock on effects when it comes to energy saving and the environment. The installation of a green roof can significantly decrease air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases. The vegetation growing on the roof will also help to remove pollutants from the air as well as these emissions.
  • Improving comfort and health – green roofs reduce the amount of heat transferred through the roof area which helps to create a more comfortable environment in the building below. This can be a real benefit during heat waves and help to reduce the stress involved with unbearable temperatures and rocketing energy costs.
  • Improving quality of life – the aesthetics of a green roof can help to provide great aesthetic value to a neighbourhood. It also helps to provide a suitable habitat for a variety of species which have suffered a decline in suitable areas in many town and city locations.
  • Improved management of storm water and water quality – this type of installation can help to slow down and significantly reduce the run off of storm water which can create a problem in some urban environments. It will also filter out pollutants from the rainfall.

The initial installation of green roof systems may be a little higher in the beginning but the long term benefits surely outweigh those additional costs. In a relatively short space of time the green roof should not only help to pay for itself (remember those lowered heating and cooling bills) but also provide a more comfortable and healthy environment for yourself, your family and your neighbourhood. Surely that’s something which is well worth thinking about.

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