Ibiza iDecking Installations

iDeck Revolution is without doubt the number one choice for decking, pool decking, composite and wood decking. With our systems you are able to remove one or more decking profiles atany point without using a screwdriver.

Perfect for a variety of conditions, the water resistant composite decking by iDecking Revolution is absolutely ideal for installation around pools and areas containing significant amounts of water!

The images below showcase some of the most recent installations in some of the most popular areas of Ibiza.

In the clip below you can see it installed with our EasyClick system underwater, staying there 24h a day! The levels of water resistance are truly incredible!

For more information regarding this innovation in the decking market, please click here.

A New Generation of Decking Boards

Splinter Proof Decking Systems

The literal translation of DURO in Italian is – HARD. This name was not chosen by accident and the iDecking DURO decking boards have been created to offer outstanding levels of resistance in terms of non-splinter qualities and water resistance.

DURO is the name of the most innovative 100% recyclable material we studied to fix all the issues tied to stability, resistance and longevity of traditional woods, which are now available via the iDecking Revolution.

What is DURO made of?

DURO consists in a mixture of virgin polymers (PVC) and agricultural waste products (rice husks) mixed through an innovative and secret classified DUROprocess to form this incredible material, processed by extrusion.

How is DURO processed?

DURO is processed like wood, with standard wood working machines and tools. It can be cut, drilled, sanded, glued and painted as if it was a piece of teak.

How can I keep my decking nice and clean?

Both DURO and Wood Decking can be stained by grease, wine, coffee and other elements; if possible, immediately act on the spot with a normal household cleaner. If the stain resists, you can remove it by lightly sanding it with 40-60 sandpaper, always in the grain direction. We recommend the application of one or more layers of protective transparent treating paint, which protects your decking from dirt and makes cleaning much easier.

Is DURO a sustainable product?

YES! DURO is a 100% recyclable material. Its primary component, rice husk, is a renewable source that can be replaced in an incredibly shorter cycle than wood; furthermore the rice husk used to make DURO would be otherwise intended to be wasted and burned producing CO2.

Further evidence of the strength and resilience of DURO decking boards can be found via the video below:

DUROExcellence is available in seven colours

The DUROExcellence line brings our signature composite material to the next level. It provides the most natural looking and durable coloured decking boards available. The Virgin PVC and Rice Husk compound is colored before extrusion, this helps to guarantee colour uniformity and grain consistency all the way through each board. This makes the decking boards color much more resistant in case of scratches and fading if compared to stained ones.

DUROExcellence is available in seven colours. Six of them are finished with a wood grain effect making each board look unique! As it is for regular DURO, DUROExcellence is an Eco-Friendly and Natural feeling material. DUROExcellence even maintains the awesome effect of real wood grain and patina with time. DUROExcellence is available for both EasyClick and Easy Change iDecking installation systems.

Which are the highlights of DURO Excellence material?

  • Coloured before extrusion
  • Wood grain effect on six colours
  • Eco-Friendly – 100% Recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • No splinters, barefoot walking is welcome!
  • Weatherproof & Waterproof
  • Insect and termite proof
  • B1 Class fire resistant
  • Available for both EasyClick and EasyChange installation system

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Introducing Non-Splinter Decking Boards

Introducing Non-Splinter Decking Boards|Introducing Non-Splinter Decking Boards

One of the primary concerns relating to the installation of a new outdoor decking system, relates to safety, especially when the completed deck is located near to a swimming pool, jacuzzi or near the beach and therefore likely to come into regular contact with water.

Creating a Slip Resistant Finish

iDecking have spent many years perfecting an innovative, environmentally friendly, non-splinter timber decking solution offering all the good looks ofDURO_Excellent_-_Colour_Chart the real thing but without the flaw of other products.

Unlike many other traditional decking materials, the systems which have been developed by iDecking, completely waterproof your deck or roof deck
area with an aesthetically pleasing, and durable, slip resistant finish.

Offering Further Evidence

To help offer further evidence relating to the slip resistance of the iDecking boards we have carried out some slip tests on our decking products recently. The tests are carried out according to BS7976 -2 Pendulum Slip Test.

The test is carried out via a pendulum testing machine in at least 2 directions, both in a dry state and in a wet state. The results are as follows:


Selecting The Correct Products

It really is not possible to over emphasize the importance of choosing a decking product which offers the longest lasting and safest solution for the particular project. Designers should always be aware of the uses on schemes where they are specifying, and therefore select the correct decking products accordingly.

With a number of cheaper, inferior products on the market it is essential that designers and installers choose products which are specially designed and selected to fit the purpose of the project. Thankfully, the range of iDecking products tick all of the right boxes.

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