What Is DURO Composite Decking?

DURO is a brand new material developed by iDecking Revolution. Even though its formula is kept as a secret, as we stated earlier, DURO’s main ingredient is Rice Husk; a by-product in the processing of rice. This husk, when blended together with virgin polymers, makes this an incredibly versatile, storng and durable material.

Eco-Friendly – 100% Recyclable

DURO looks and feels extremely natural, it can be stained or treated for an extra level of protection using any colour available from iDecking. DURO is 100% recyclable, the Eco-Friendly composite material Mother Nature herself would have created.

DURO decking can be installed both on the EasyClick and EasyChange systems. Boards are available both with flat or anti-slip grooved surfaces.

Which are the highlights of DURO material?

  • Eco-Friendly – 100% Recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Can be treated and/or stained as you like
  • No splinters, barefoot walking is welcome!
  • Weatherproof & Waterproof
  • UV ray resistant
  • Insect and termite proof
  • B1 Class fire resistant

What is DURO made of?

DURO consists in a mixture of virgin polymers (PVC) and agricultural waste products (rice husks) mixed through an innovative and secret classified process to form this incredible material, processed by estrusion.

How is DURO Processed?

DURO is processed like wood, with standard wood working machines and tools. It can be cut, drilled, sanded, glued and painted as if it was a piece of teak.

How can I keep my decking nice and clean? Both DURO and Wood Decking can be stained by grease, wine, coffee and other elements; if possible, immediately act on the spot with a normal household cleaner. If the stain resists, you can remove it by lightly sanding it with 40-60 sandpaper, always in the grain direction. We recommend the application of one or more layers of protective transparent treating paint, which protects your decking from dirt and makes cleaning much easier.

Is DURO a Sustainable Product?

YES! DURO is a 100% recyclable material. Its primary component, rice husk, is a renewable source that can be replaced in an incredibly shorter cycle than wood; furthermore the rice husk used to make DURO would be otherwise intended to be wasted and burned producing CO2.

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How To Ensure Consistent Gaps Between Decking Boards

Maintaining the consistent gaps between decking boards has long been an issue for professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, iJack is a true REVOLUTION in decking field and things are now easier than ever before!

The iJack  is an innovative connector that eliminates the expansion/contraction gap between composite deck boards. It simply acts as a coupler between the heads of boards keeping the gap spacing exact.

It is known that composite boards do suffer expansion/contraction changes according to the weather, affecting the structure and look of each deck!

This innovative system is patented by iDecking Revolution and perfectly works with both iDecking EasyClick and EasyChange revolutionary installation systems and with all other brands who got it licensed.

How Does EasyClick System Work?

EasyClick is the innovative system which allows you to install iDecking Revolution boards simply using your feet. No need to use any nails, screws, drills, spacers or “obsolete” clips. The EasyClick system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation.

EasyClick is essentially comprised of an understructure “rail system” which comes with pre-installed and pre-spaced patented EasyClick nylon clips. Our patented grooved decking boards are then simply pressed and locked in place.

What are the highlights of EasyClick system?

  • Decking installation up to 5 times faster than traditional deck building
  • Boards require Zero screws, nails or other fasteners
  • Drastic reduction of installation errors
  • “Effortless” installation
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation
  • Increased structural integrity and strength
  • Self blocking and Self aligning system

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Are Your Drainage Outlets Properly Protected?

Roof Drain Outlets

Our excellent range of roof drain outlets, vents and accessories have been designed to ensure that gutters and roof drainage outlets are properly protected and waterproofed.

The drain connectors, roof drain outlets & collars available from Wallbarn are made in a number of different materials. It is essential that installers and specifiers select the correct material when ordering products, customers will need to ensure that the material used is compatible with the waterproofing system being laid.

Why Use Roof Drain Outlets?

As rain falls onto a roof, the rainwater spreads out until it reaches the lowest level that it can find. This is why roof drain outlets are required across the roof, allowing 004-mediumthe water to escape to prevent it entering the structure.

As the depth of water on the roof or gutter increases, it generates a force to move the water flow towards holes or openings called roof drain outlets that convey the water to a lower level. The roof drain outlets are connected to pipes that drop to ground level and into the underground drainage system.

Types of Roof Drain Outlets

At Wallbarn we supply many types of roof drain outlets to ensure a watertight connection between the water/damp proofing membranes and the drainage pipe work, thereby removing the problem of water penetration at this crucial junction.

Many of our roof drain outlets provide a readymade, engineered, sump that is mechanically sealed to the membranes and then connect that sump securely to the pipe work.

Since a vast amount of rainwater will fall onto the roof deck and be channelled into the roof drain outlet, it is essential that this rainwater cannot find its way behind or beneath the waterproofing membrane at crucial points. Obviously the outlet holes are the most vulnerable parts of the waterproofing and as such we offer a range of products designed to ensure that this does not happen.

We have a number of different products to cater for the drainage and aeration requirements for a waterproofed concrete roof:

  • Drain connectors for circular downpipes cast in the middle of the concrete deck
  • Corner fittings for holes on the junction of horizontal and parapet wall
  • Collars, to fit around pipework which is emitting from the deck
  • Vents and aerators, which draw vapour out of the concrete
  • Accessories, including leaf guards, corner patches and extensions



How To Fix a Suspended Paving System

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as leisure areas. More attractive paving with spirit-level-flat finishes can be achieved using a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes using our ASP supports.

Wallbarn’s range of adjustable support pads ensure that even where contractors build their roofs to a fall, to allow good drainage, a completely flat upper level of paving or decking can be achieved.

How Does The Process Work?

Very small, irregular or multiple changes in height can be accommodated using the simple but durable twist mechanism on the stem. Once the slab is placed on top of the support, the whole system locks into place. Falling roofs can be paved to an even finish extremely quickly and effectively using these supports, cutting down labour time considerably. Edges and end of runs can either be bordered with a line of washed pebbles; or by removing the lugs and sliding the support underneath the slab and out of view. Services such as cables or water pipes can be laid underneath the slabs easily, keeping the upper surface uncluttered. With a height range up to 220mm, the void under the slab can be utilised for larger items such as drainage outlets, rainwater harvesting facilities and lighting effects.

Please Note – The support pads come in four sections. The screw and nut fixings are simply twisted on the stem piece to achieve precise adjustment, and sit into the base plate. The head piece clicks into place for a secure fit.

The following video outlines exactly which steps must be followed to create a suspended paving system using the range of support pads available from Wallbarn.

Also Suitable For Timber Decking

For timber decking, we can produce the adjustable support with a joist headpiece. Standard battens sit onto the headpiece with the pegs placed 40mm and 60mm apart holding them in place.

Build a joist framework using the battens and then fix the decking timber onto the top. The weight of the timber will hold the system in place without the need for any fixings into the substrate. Therefore, the waterproof membrane is not compromised. The support base plates should be placed 600mm apart to spread the weight evenly. The timber is raised from the deck, and rainwater drains through the gaps in the decking; so the wood will not come into contact with standing water.

For more information regarding our range of adjustable support pads, please visit the dedicated area of our website via the following link – https://www.wallbarn.com/products/roof-and-terrace-finishes/asp-adjustable-support-pads/

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How Support Pads Can Be Used To Install Decking

Wallbarn supplies a large range of paving support pads, including rubber, plastic stackable and adjustable height pads offering a wide range of advange. They offer the following advantages:-

  • A fast, labour saving way to lay paving
  • Uniform paving provided by positioning lugs
  • No need for mortar or pointing, reducing weight and mess
  • No direct contact with insulation or waterproof membranes, avoiding damage and protecting from sunlight
  • Paving can be taken up at any time to inspect deck, clean or carry out repairs
  • A void beneath the slabs where services can be hidden from view

Four positioning lugs ensure fast, clean installation of secure, uniform paving. The rainwater will run in between and beneath each slab, along the fall built into the deck, and into the outlet. It is a free standing system, with the weight of the slab holding everything in place. They are ideal for ballasted roofs.

The video below highlights just how effective Wallbarn’s range of ASP (Adjustable Support Pads) can be when installing decking.

Wallbarn’s ASP adjustable support pads are designed with a telescopic stem which is wound up and down to achieve a completely flat upper paving surface. Changes to height can be made whilst the slab is in place. This saves a great deal of time and labour.

To find our more about our range of ASPs, including technical data, please visit the dedicated area on our website by clicking here.

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