Wallbarn makes a splash at 100% Design Show

Wallbarn makes a splash at 100% Design Show|M-Tray Stall at 100% Design Show|iDecking Stall at 100% Design Show|M-Tray Stall at 100% Design Show|iDecking Stall at 100% Design Show|iDecking Stall at 100% Design Show|iDecking Stall at 100% Design Show|iDecking Stall at 100% Design Show

Wallbarn’s debut at the 100% Design Show at London Olympia was a great success. Visitors to the stand, most of whom were either architects or designers, kept the team busy across all four days. And as a result we picked up an unprecedented number of leads. “> “>The stand was designed in three sections to showcase the Wallbarn products most likely to be of interest to delegates: M-Trays®, iDecking and our Pedestal range.The living M-Tray® modules laid out down one side of the stand seemed to catch everyone’s eye. Many people had to reach down and touch the plants to be convinced they were real.  The photography and videos showing recent Wallbarn projects seemed to stop people in their tracks. But at the end of the day, the products spoke for themselves!

We look forward to following up with all the people we met at the show in the coming days. “> “> “>

What Sets The M-TRAY® System Apart?


Whilst this pre-grown sedum green roof product is supplied in easy-to-handle plastic tray units, our trays can be supplied without the #greenroofing materials (empty) throughout the world allowing you to create your own green roof systems safe in the knowledge that they will be held firmly in place by our patented system.

This trademarked design incorporates strong tray units measuring 500 x 500 x 100mm, made from injection moulded recycled polypropylene. The frame itself is 2mm thick throughout, and is designed to tolerate significantly more than the 15-20kg saturated weight produced when the units are fully loaded with substrate and sedum plants. Please see our CAD section here.

The modules have a series of drainage holes on the underside and a series of ridges in the bottom to aid drainage and provide an air gap beneath. There are indented sections on the underside to help with carrying the modules and the corners are rounded to prevent sharp points causing damage. The corners are also reinforced, should the uits need to be suspended off the deck (this might be the case if the height of the sedum needs to match up to existing landscaping features such as decking).

Smooth Edges & Connecting Bracket

The connecting brackets are designed to give a tight connection, with the minimum of gap between each module. The joint is only 6mm so the plants will grow over it quickly, making it disappear in ultra-quick time (white units for illustrative purposes only – all M-Tray® units are supplied in black colour).

The corners of the modules are rounded and smooth, so no sharp edges (which might puncture the membrane beneath) are present. It also makes handling the trays easier and the edges can be mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals if additional height is required.

Trims & Edging

100mm aluminium edge trims and connectors fit neatly onto the sides of the modules. Fixings are designed to slot together neatly although they are not always necessary.

Creating Something Special

Contact us via sales@wallbarn.com for more information.

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2017 Wallbarn Brochure

The New 2017 Brochure Is Here

We have just released our new brochure, updated for 2017.

Highlights include:

  • M-Tray® Modular Green Roof System
  • Ultra Low 10-20mm adjustable pedestals
  • Megapads – now reaching up to 1020mm
  • FSC 100% Certified Timber
  • iDecking Revolution – featuring EasyClick, the fastest way to install decking
  • ASP EXTRA Adjustable Pedestals, for greater height range per pedestal
  • BALANCE self levelling headpieces for paving
  • AWARD WINNING iDecking EasyChange
  • TD Timber Decking Support Pads

To download the brochure (9mb) please click the link below or click here to download the lo-res version:


Need More Information?

Please contact us on 0208 916 2222 and ask for further details, or email sales@wallbarn.com.

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Green Roof Tray Development

Over the space of just a few short weeks (6 approx), look at the amount of growth in these M-Tray® modules!!!

No watering, no additional maintenance, just nature taking its course!

Utilising Open Space

Green roofs and living walls are a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and podium decks.

Our new design allows us to supply the best quality vegetation to site. The fully established, mature sedum or wildflower plants, are contained within easy-to-carry trays which click together to form an almost invisible join.

M-Tray® has been designed and developed by Wallbarn in the UK and is the subject of Community Registered Design (No. 002953943-0001) and US Design (Application No. 29/553,129).

Modular Systems

The main advantages of modular over roll-out green roof systems include convenience and speed of installation, futureproofing, and the delivery of instant results.

All the elements required for a successful green roof have been measured and installed into the M-Tray® modules at the nursery.

Users can feel confident that the plants, growing medium and filtration components are suitable and compatible, and at the correct level to give strong, healthy growth over the long term.

A great example of a fully installed green roof can be viewed via a recent installation at Cattle Hill, Quarry Vale, Yorkshire.

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If you have any other questions or would like further information, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here, or contact us through our contact page.

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