We’ll Be There, Will You?

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Once again we will be exhibiting at the UK’s number one landscaping trade event.

We’ll be showcasing products such as M-Tray®, our pre-grown modular green roof, our truly revolutionary iDecking system, as well as our unrivalled range of adjustable pedestals for paving and timber decking.

Come and network with landscape designers, contractors, garden designers and architects all under one roof, view the latest products and technologies, share ideas and be inspired.

Show details


When: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Where: Sandown Park Racecourse, Portsmouth Rd, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ
Stand: 91

Find out more about the show here.

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If you have any questions about our products, you can reach the Wallbarn team on
0208916 2222 or sales@wallbarn.com

You can find our complete range and a host of helpful online tools at

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Deck Planning & Estimating Software Available From Wallbarn

Deck Planner Image

New software available from Wallbarn allows clients to create an image of how the DURO EXCELLENCE decking will look on their own project. The exact colour swatch of EasyClick or EasyChange decking boards can be visualised on the deck space.

Our gallery has a selection of images to choose. Alternatively, users can send Wallbarn a photograph of their own deck area.

Click the ‘Floor’ icon and choose the preferred ‘DURO EXCELLENCE’ colour. The deck will change colour, giving the user an accurate account of how their project will appear when decked out in DURO EXCELLENCE.

MegaPro is an estimating software which will calculate and place the correct number and correct size of pedestals required for the paving or decking project.

Users should send a PDF or drawing to Wallbarn of the deck space.

Certain details are required:

  • All changes in fall at each point across the roof
  • Steps or specific details on the roof
  • Position of drainage outlets
  • Slab size and thickness along with the spacing
  • In the case of decking, the centres of the joist frame
  • The height off the deck at each corner point/change of direction

The software then calculates the distances and area (which can be edited if needed).

The ‘calculate’ button is pressed and the software lists the exact number and height/product code of each pedestal required. It will separate them by height/code and create a drawing of the exact layout. This drawing will colour code each pedestal type, creating a user-friendly drawing to give the reader a visual layout of where each pedestal is located.

It will total up the number of each pedestal height and create a chart and schedule of each product so that the client can cost the project accurately.

The visual simulation of the pedestal layout can be used by surveyors and installers, the Bill of Quantities by estimators and purchasers.

For more on this deck planner, please visit the dedicated area on our website via the following link – https://www.wallbarn.com/deck-planner-2/

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Wallbarn showcases range of rooftop solutions

As specialists in design-led solutions for rooftop living, Wallbarn offers three key products: the M-Tray®, their pre-grown modular green roof solution; iDecking, a revolutionary system for installing quality composite & tropical hardwood decking; as well as their range of Adjustable Support Pedestals for suspended paving and timber decking, the most extensive in the UK.

Innovative Modular Green Roofing Solutions

M-Tray®, an innovative, modular green roof system makes installing sedum and wildflower green roofs incredibly easy, with far less disruption to both plants and structure than other methods. The modules are self-contained – the sedum within being mature and well-established – and simply click together to give a lush, seamless look and an instant green roof.

Green Roof Installation UK

It is now widely acknowledged that green roofs are good for the environment: providing wildlife habitats and absorbing pollution and particulates from the atmosphere; protecting structures and waterproofing from the elements; dramatically reducing rainwater run-off; improving sound, vibration and thermal insulation and ultimately aiding the planning process.

The M-Tray® demonstrates Wallbarn’s commitment to making installing green roofs that much more viable.

For more on our M-Tray® modular green roofing system, please visit the dedicated area on our site by clicking here.

Easy Installation Decking Systems

iDecking – an innovative decking system developed in close cooperation with architects, designers and qualified deck builders – uses an aluminium rail substructure to which decking boards are fixed without the need for clips or screws.

DIY Decking Systems UK

Their patented EasyClick and EasyChange systems alleviate many of the challenges associated with traditional deck building methods by super-simplifying the installation process.

For more information on the iDecking Revolution and their outstanding range of products, visit the dedicated on-site area by clicking here.

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Green Roofs Are Beginning To Take Root In America

According to a recent a recent report, San Francisco may be first US city to require green roofs on new buildings.

30 percent of all the land area in San Francisco is comprised of rooftops, but most are under-utilised, according to the San Francisco Planning Department. City supervisor Scott Wiener is offering a solution that builds on the measure passed earlier this year to require rooftop solar. If new legislation introduced September 6 is approved, San Francisco would be the first city “to pass requirements for green roofs.”

The San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously approved the legislation Wiener introduced. The existing solar mandate requires 15 percent of rooftops on buildings with 10 stories or less to include solar panels. The new legislation would go a step further: 30 percent of new roofs could be turned into green roofs or a blend of green roof and solar panels. Owners could include two square feet of living roofs or a blend of living roofs and solar as opposed to one square foot of rooftop solar panels. According to Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, their 11th Annual CitiesAlive Conference, hosted in San Francisco in 2013, helped inspire the legislation.

For more on this story, please visit – http://inhabitat.com/san-francisco-may-be-first-us-city-to-pass-legislation-for-green-roofs-on-new-buildings/

How Can Wallbarn Help?

Offering a huge variety of benefits, green roofs can range from roof gardens with raised beds and pots, to rolled-out green carpets, to shed roofs containing planting cells that are filled with soil or compost and planted up with low growing perennials and grasses.

A fully established, mature green roof can be installed quickly and easily on difficult-to-access roofs by hand without the mess and disruption associated with traditional extensive green roof systems. M-Tray® is available as a pre-established, mature sedum product or with a native wildflower mix.

Recent Examples

Because the M-TRAY® comes as a complete kit, this recent installation came together with the absolute minimum of fuss because all the measuring and propagating has already been carried out by Wallbarn.

For more information about this innovative new system, including additional tips on how to build a green roof, please visit the dedicated area on our website by clicking here.

Some of the benefits of installing a green roof include:

  • Reducing problems of water run-off and better storm water management
  • Building insulation
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Providing habitats for birds and insects
  • Contributing to the improvement of urban air quality
  • Cooling the urban environment
  • Contributing to reduced noise pollution
  • Reducing the risk of fire spread between buildings

Another key benefit of adding a green roof to any type of building including sheds, garages and storage areas is the ability to reclaim the space they take up, as well as improving air quality and encouraging wildlife into the garden.

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