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Balance Pedestals

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The Perfect Poolside Decking Solution – Introducing Slip-Resistant Decking Boards

A poolside iDecking installation|Technical Data|A poolside iDecking installation|A poolside iDecking installation

One of the primary concerns relating to the installation of a new outdoor decking system relates to safety, especially when the completed deck is located near to a swimming pool, jacuzzi or near the beach and therefore likely to come into regular contact with water.

Creating a Slip Resistant Finish

iDecking have spent many years perfecting an innovative, environmentally friendly, non-splinter timber decking solution offering all the good looks of the real thing but without the flaw of other products.

Unlike many other traditional decking materials, the systems which have been developed by iDecking, completely waterproof your deck or roof deck area with an attractive, durable and slip resistant finish.

Offering Further Evidence

To help offer further evidence relating to the slip resistance of the iDecking boards we have carried out some slip tests on our decking products recently. The tests are carried out according to BS7976 -2 Pendulum Slip Test.

The test is carried out via a pendulum testing machine in at least 2 directions, both in a dry state and in a wet state. The results are as follows:

Selecting The Correct Products

It really is not possible to over-emphasize the importance of choosing a decking product which offers the longest lasting and safest solution for the particular project. Designers should always be aware of the uses on schemes which they are specifying and therefore select the correct decking products accordingly.

With a number of cheaper, inferior products on the market, it is essential that designers and installers choose products which are specially designed and selected to fit the purpose of the project. Thankfully, the range of iDecking products ticks all of the right boxes.

Composite decking is widely accepted to be one of the most effective decking products available due to the fact that it boasts a number of qualities highlighted by a longer lifespan than traditional wood.

Introducing Eco-Friendly Composite Decking

Whilst many of the old composites were made from sawdust mixed with cheap polymers, so they absorbed a lot of moisture. They were also susceptible to attack from insects, mildew, turned green and very slippery over time and were also prone to rotting due to the high wood fibre content.

However, the introduction of the iDecking Revolution products offers a new generation of materials which have been developed to look and perform much better in the long term.

Developed by iDecking Revolution, DURO is a brand new material which has been developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Fast and easy installation using no screws
  • 100% EcoFriendly
  • Ultra Low Maintenance
  • Custom Colours

Exceptional Durability

These new systems offer a new mindset for artificial decking. They will not fade significantly, absorb hardly any moisture and do not swell or split. In addition to this, any scratches or blemishes can also be sanded down to almost French Polish the scratches out, since it is solid throughout ensuring that long term maintenance very possible and effective.

These products are high end, top quality materials, and are designed to ensure that they do not fade significantly. Essentially, they are in many ways better than tropical hardwood. Despite its formula being kept as a secret, DURO’s main ingredient is Rice Husk; a by-product in the processing of rice. This husk, when blended together with virgin polymers, makes it an incredibly versatile, strong and durable material.

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The Pros and Cons of Blue Roofs

Installation in Gent of the first OASIS blue roof of Belgium by Vegital I.D|An image of a blue roof|An image of a blue roof installation

What actually is a blue roof? A blue roof is an evolution of the existing green roof concept but has been specifically designed to store water and in particular rainfall.

The goal of a blue roof is to ensure that rather than allowing water to drain from the roof at the earliest possible stage, the blue roof will deliberately retain some or all of the water above the waterproofing membrane, either temporarily or over a longer period of time and then deposit the water through a designated channel, such as a drain outlet to an area that will cause less damage.

Where Can Blue Roofs Help?

There are 3 primary areas where the installation of a blue roof can prove to be beneficial

  1. Effective Storm Water Management– The excess water deposited during storms can play an obvious and significant role in flooding throughout many areas of the world. The installation of a blue roof can play a pivotal role as part of a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) at roof level. This will help to reduce the impact of rainwater runoff as the flow can be controlled through specifically designed outlets and redirected to less harmful areas. 
  2. Rainwater Storage – With rainwater being precious in many countries, finding a way to store rainwater effectively has taken on greater importance than ever before. The installation of a blue roof to a property can play a key role in the storage of rainwater. The harvested water can also be redistributed for irrigation purposes.
  3. Reduced Energy Costs – Blue roofs are known for their cooling properties and as such, can actually help to reduce the energy bills for the property to which they have been installed.
  4. Cooling and Energy Consumption – There was a study on a cider factory in Frankfurt on the Possman Cider Factory and Storage Facility on a blue roof which was installed in 1990 and paid for itself in electricity costs for cooling within 3 years. Click here for more on that study.

Are There Any Associated Issues?

For all of their qualities, the storage of water above the waterproofing membrane in a blue roof also poses a number of potential risks which cannot be ignored and must be addressed.

The main areas of concern are as follows:

  • Structural Issues – There can be no escaping the fact that water is heavy. It is absolutely essential that the structure of the building and the roof is fully assessed for suitability before any type of installation can begin.
  • Damage To The Waterproofing Membrane – With a significant amount of water being stored in a blue roof, what would happen if the waterproofing membrane became damaged? It’s difficult not to use the word catastrophic with the amount of damage that could be caused if too much water is released through the roof.

Please Note – Whilst there are definitely concerns relating to the installation of a blue roof, due to the modular nature of the M-Tray®, the potential risks can be substantially reduced by utilising our innovative modular roofing option as part of a blue roof.

For more on the M-Tray®, please click here

Product Spotlight – Megapads




When things get heavy…

Is your supplier of paving/decking supports claiming huge weight tolerances? Have you seen a certificate?

Certified heavy duty

Wallbarn pedestals are all certified by an independent laboratory.

What is more, our range of MegaPad heavy duty pedestals have a normal tolerance of 1,560kg and a maximum load of 2,057kg! 

Reliable and durable

In 16 years we have never had a complaint.

Six hard winters after being installed our Megapads are still happily holding up the walkway outside Montreal’s Town Hall.

Who else can give you that assurance?


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Spring Maintenance For Green Roofs

A close-up of completed M-Tray green roof installation in Hammersmith

There is a common misconception currently that green roofs require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

Just as you would not expect to leave your garden alone for a prolonged period of time without any type of maintenance, green roofs do require some maintenance to ensure they do not die.

Key Information

  • Maintenance should be at least annual and preferably twice a year
  • In times of sustained very dry or very hot weather, they must be watered (they are drought resistant but not drought proof)
  • Fertiliser – take advice from your local nursery or garden centre

Make Sure Your Green Roof Is Ready For Spring & Beyond

Spring has definitely now ‘sprung’ and as such, now is the ideal time for your green roof to receive a little care and attention to ensure that it is ready for the spring and beyond.

Some vegetation types such as sedum are planted as they require less maintenance than grass roofs for example. However, regular attention to soil moisture and feed levels, as well as the removal of weeds, is essential to maintain optimum performance. 

To help ensure that your green roof remains in the best possible condition, we have used our extensive experience to help draw up a list of suggestions to put into practice.

  • Remove any debris that has built up
  • Ensure that all of the drainage outlets are clear allowing the water to flow
  • Remove all dead stalks, thatch and other dry vegetation from the roof as this can present a fire hazard
  • Remove any unwanted plants that may have been windblown onto the green roof
  • Apply the specified green roof feed/fertiliser
  • Repair any bare areas – either plug plant or sprinkle sedum chips / cuttings over bare areas if required

Please Note – When maintaining a wildflower green roof, it is crucial to remember that wildflowers are weeds. As such, care must be taken during maintenance NOT to pull out healthy and desired plants.

Wildflowers by their nature thrive on poor soils where there is little competition however they are more vulnerable to drought. Drying of stems and leaves will be seen through hot dry periods and although irrigation can be applied it is not a requirement as the ‘stressed’ plants will flower and seed to propagate themselves and will often recover with the onset of rain.

Suitable For Residential and Commercial Properties

Green roofs are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Thanks to the modular nature of Wallbarn’s innovative M-Tray®, we are able to complete installations quickly and with the absolute minimum of disruption.

The case study below offers the perfect insight into how all of the pieces will come together to create a durable and sustainable modular green roof offering a variety of benefits for both the property and the local area.

https://youtu.be/AcD0sX-FjV4Quickfire green roof installation at Hammersmith high-rise

Watch a short documentary on our unique modular green roof solution



‘Nature at work’
A short documentary-style film
all about our green roof

If you have ever wanted to know more about how to grow, produce and install a luscious, long-lasting green roof, then spend a few minutes watching this video.

The M-Tray Story

Shot at our UK nursery, hear from director Julian Thurbin, soil specialist Susie Holmes and nurseryman David Holloway.


To watch the M-Tray® video click here


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