What Makes iDecking Perfect For DIY Decking Installations?

An image of a completed iDecking installation

Designed to innovate in the field of outdoor decking, the iDecking decking system is the culmination of years of research and development with some of the world’s most important architects, designers and qualified deck builders.

‘Game-Changing’ benefits

Amongst the ‘game-changing’ benefits offered by this innovative new type of waterproof decking, you will receive the:

  • The ability is for installation so quick and easy that it can be completed using just your feet!!
  • The option to remove one or more single decking profiles at any point without using a screwdriver?

Not only are they easy to install, these waterproof decking systems are extremely durable ensuring that they drastically reduce the need for periodic maintenance.

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How Does It Work?

  • Click down boards simply using your feet
  • Boards extruded with grooves on the underside
  • Boards click into pre-installed, pre-spaced nylon clips
  • Self-aligning system drastically reduces errors

Check this How To video to see how easy it is to install

A Revolution in the Decking Industry

It is through this research that the systems have been developed to help alleviate all the main issues and problems associated with traditional deck building techniques and materials, and now delivers a true revolution in decking field.

Unlike many other conventional decking materials, the systems which have been developed by iDecking, completely waterproof your deck or roof deck area with an aesthetically pleasing, and durable, slip-resistant finish.

These properties not only help to protect the structure to which it’s applied but also leads to a longer lifespan than other decking systems currently available. 

For more information about this amazing new product, including all of the technical specifications, please click here.

How Does iDecking Work?

A decking installation in Fulham

There are few things that make a better addition to any outdoor space than a beautiful wood decking system and with a move towards the introduction of durable and environmentally friendly materials to the market, we are delighted to introduce the iDecking Revolution.

iDecking have spent many years perfecting an innovative, environmentally friendly, non-splinter timber decking solution offering all the good looks of the real thing but without the flaws associated with other products.

Versatile and Practical Solution

The versatility and practicality of any decking system are entirely dependent on the quality and the durability of the materials that are used when constructing the deck, along with the ability to regularly maintain the surface.

One of the primary concerns relating to the installation of a new decking system to any outdoor area relates to the materials downgrading over time and the surface beginning to splinter.

Not only does this look unsightly, a splintered surface will significantly reduce the lifespan of the decking and can also be dangerous.

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Non-Splinter Decking Systems

Whilst many decking systems may be in the process of failing through moisture intrusion, (one of the most common causes of splintering, the iDecking Revolution offers a new splinter proof decking system which offers a variety of significant benefits when compared to other current decking systems, not least the fact that it is splinter proof.

The iDecking team has completed years of research and development with some of the world’s most important architects, designers and qualified deck builders. This research has given us the opportunity to alleviate all the main issues and problems associated with traditional deck building techniques and materials, starting a true revolution in decking field.

The benefit of iDecking Systems

Available in a variety of different materials and colours, yet sharing the common benefit of being easy and fast to install, the iDecking splinter proof decking systems are revolutionising the world of decking installations.

  • No nails, screws, drills or spacers
  • Up to five times faster to install  than traditional deck building
  • Ideal for low thresholds (whole system max 80mm)
  • Luxurious, natural-looking decking

For more information about this amazing new product, including all of the technical specifications, please click here.

What Is iDecking?

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Save time = Save money!

Designed specifically to prevent the main issues associated with other decking systems, such as complex and time-consuming installations, the introduction of the iDecking timber decking system to the UK market ensures the installation of a totally clean, smooth deck surface with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Patented Systems

The patented iDecking Revolution decking system will simplify and revolutionise all the traditions of installing systems used all over the world.

Unlike traditional fastening systems and techniques, no screws are required to install the iDecking boards on their understructure reducing installation time and shortening the product’s life.

Because of this, the installation of iDecking systems can be installation times, in most cases up to 5 times faster!

Introducing DURO Excellence 

Our DURO Excellence boards provide the most natural-looking composite decking on the market. 

The combination of recycled rice husk and virgin PVC provides the most high end, natural finish and ensures boards are hard-wearing and durable in the long term.

The compound is coloured before extrusion, helping to guarantee colour uniformity and grain consistency all the way through each board. This is in contrast to stained boards.

Key features:

  • Coloured before extrusion
  • Woodgrain effect – available in four colours
  • Eco-Friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Splinter-free
  • Extremely slip-resistant
  • Weatherproof & waterproof
  • Insect-resistant
  • Class B1 fire rated

Easy Installation

The following videos highlight just how quick and simple the installation of timber decking boards is about to become via the iDecking’s two innovative new installation systems.

For more information about this amazing new product, including all of the technical specifications, please click here.


Where Can Green Roofs Be Installed?

M-Tray - Project - Whitstable

Issues relating to accessibility and concerns relating to disruption during installation are common reasons for property owners assuming that the installation of a green roof may not be possible for their building. Particularly when it comes to retrofitting a green roof onto a rooftop area.

However, thanks to the modular nature of the M-Tray®, we are able to provide a viable option for areas which are simply not suitable for other types of green roof installation.

Moving bags of aggregate-based substrate onto rooftops is fraught with risk – the aggregate goes everywhere and as it is so granular, it can damage waterproofing membranes very easily. Sedum blankets are also supplied rolled up, so the plants get damaged during the transport and installation process.

Due to their modular nature, the M-Tray® is particularly well suited to DIY installations on single storey flat roofs, garden storage areas and many other flat areas which can be utilised.

Exactly 4 units per m² make estimating and installing much easier. M-Tray® modules are extremely easy to transport and deliver. They can also be used in areas where standard roll-out is not possible.

‘Finding’ Lost Spaces

A recent project involved the transformation of a garden storage unit.

From this…

M-Tray Bin Store Install 1



To this…

Transforming An Open Flat Roof

Another recent project involved an extension on a domestic property

Being a wide extension overlooked by two different bedrooms, the owners were not keen on the idea of looking down on a bare rooftop.

The homeowner wanted to save on contractor fees by installing the green roof himself. M-Trays® simply clip together meaning that no specialist roofing or landscaping expertise is required and offered the perfect solution.

M-Tray - Project - Whitstable

How To Refurbish A Rooftop Terrace

This project involved a penthouse apartment in Tunbridge Wells with a huge roof terrace. The existing deck which had become quite dilapidated needed a complete refurbishment.

All of the old decking needed to be lifted, cut into sections and removed from the premises. The whole terrace was then jet-washed and painted with a protective coating. 

Our hardwood decking tiles provide an ultra-low height threshold solution for the decking on flat roofs and terraces by combining the natural beauty of tropical hardwood with the speed and ease of laying paving slabs onto a structural surface.

Tunbridge Wells, Kent (New)

As evidenced above, stunning finishes can be achieved. The tiles can be laid in a straight line pattern or in a “chessboard” style, depending on the client’s wishes. We have a range of different timber available sourced from South America, chosen for their beauty and durability including Ipe and Cumaru.

Balconies and rooftop terraces are inherently hard to reach. Timber tiles, being modular, are far easier to handle and transport than traditional solutions which involve long joists, deck boards, etc

With most hardwood installations the boards need to be pre-drilled and counter-sunk which is time-consuming. Our timber tiles, being pre-fabricated, do not require further screws or fixing once on site, saving a great deal of time.

Key Advantages

  • Achieve thresholds as low as 37mm
  • Long-lasting, attractive decking suitable for the British climate
  • Durable hardwood – lasts over 15 years
  • No specialist carpentry required
  • Pre-formed tiles – easy to cut for detailing
  • No joists required – avoid damage to your membrane

We can also supply FSC® certified timber as we have FSC® Chain of Custody (please speak to your Wallbarn representative).

For more information about this stunning installation, please click here.

Wallbarn Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardwood timber decking tiles offer the ideal way to lay attractive real timber decking onto roof decks and terraces quickly and easily.

By using suspended Wallbarn timber paving tiles, installers combine the natural, attractive finish of timber decking with the speed and ease of laying paving slabs.

For more information relating to our range of hardwood timber decking products, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.

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How To Evenly Space Decking Tiles

iDecking Installation

Maintaining the consistent gaps between decking boards has long been an issue for professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

How exactly do you ensure evenly spaced decking tiles? The iJack was developed to overcome one of the biggest problems in composite decking – expansion & contraction. The iJack is placed between the ends of the boards and locks them together.

 However, iJack is a true revolution in the decking field and things are now easier than ever before!

Eliminating Expansion and Contraction Gaps with iJack

The iJack is an innovative connector that eliminates the expansion/contraction gap between composite deck boards. It simply acts as a coupler between the heads of boards keeping the gap spacing exact.

It is known that composite boards do suffer expansion/contraction changes according to the weather, affecting the structure and look of each deck!

This innovative system is patented by iDecking Revolution and perfectly works with both iDecking EasyClick and EasyChange revolutionary installation systems and with all other brands who got it licensed.

How Does EasyClick System Work?

EasyClick is the innovative system which allows you to install iDecking Revolution boards simply using your feet. No need to use any nails, screws, drills, spacers or “obsolete” clips. The EasyClick system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation.

EasyClick is essentially comprised of an understructure “rail system” which comes with pre-installed and pre-spaced patented EasyClick nylon clips. Our patented grooved decking boards are then simply pressed and locked in place.

What are the highlights of EasyClick system?

  • Decking installation up to 5 times faster than traditional deck building
  • Boards require Zero screws, nails or other fasteners
  • Drastic reduction of installation errors
  • “Effortless” installation
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation
  • Increased structural integrity and strength
  • Self blocking and Self aligning system

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What Is A Roll-Out Green Roof?

View of green roof installed at Kew Green

The roll-out green roof is a simple, low maintenance sedum green roof system where each element is supplied separately and installed layer by layer. It is an effective way of greening a roof deck and bringing a sense of nature to built-up areas.

An image of a roll-out green roof

Key Advantages

  • lightweight systems – as light as 50kg per m2
  • total build-up depth – 100-150mm thick
  • simple vegetation – mainly sedum
  • drought tolerant
  • saline tolerant
  • low maintenance requirement
  • irrigation system (optional)

Specifically Designed To Be Lightweight

Extensive green roofs are designed to be lightweight. Therefore, they can be used on a large variety of structures.

The sedum plants we use have been selected to be easy to manage and do not need a large amount of watering, making them ideal for areas which may be overlooked but are difficult to access and maintain.

A Mix of Different Sedum Species

The sedum blankets contain a mixture of different species of sedum, specifically selected to provide a variety of different textures, colours and flowering periods and are supplied with at least 85% coverage. They are designed to give consistent, all year round coverage of vegetation throughout the year.

Mixes of wildflowers, herbs and bulbs can also be incorporated into the blankets. We supply healthy, freshly cut sedum blankets.

To find out more about lightweight roll-out green roofs, please click here.

Using The M-Tray® To ‘Find’ Lost Spaces

An image of a small green roof

With the extra time at home for people throughout the UK, many people are turning their attention to home improvement tips and ideas.

The versatility of some green roofing options, and in particular the M-Tray® modular green roof solution, ensure that along with being perfect for standard flat roofs, they can also be utilised for other lost and spare flat roofs. 

Finding ‘Lost’ Spaces

One of our past projects came as a request from a customer who wanted to ensure that a recently installed garden storage unit on the back of his home didn’t go to waste.

The M-Tray®, being modular in shape and incredibly easy to install, lent itself perfectly to the job.

The M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation.

Easy To Install

Exactly 4 units per m² make estimating and installing much easier. M-Tray® modules are extremely easy to transport and deliver. They can also be used in areas where standard roll-out is not possible.

Whilst the name ‘green roofs’ will undoubtedly make many people look to the skies as they automatically think of the building rooftops, the versatility of the M-Tray® ensures that they are suitable for a wide variety of open and lost spaces, regardless of size, with some projects taking place much closer to the ground!

Providing Easy Access

The green roof components needed to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roof systems, with their bags of aggregate-based substrate and sedum blankets spilling compost and plant matter, are extremely messy to transport and install.

Taking a closer look at the M-Tray®

Our M-Tray® modular green roofing system has been further improved to make sedum roofs easier to install with less disruption to both the plants and the structure. M-Tray® is also designed to give a more seamless, verdant finish and an instant green roof.

Wallbarn is at the forefront of developments in the green roofing sector and has always provided products that combine top-quality ingredients with user-friendly, hassle-free maintenance. The purpose of M-Tray® is to enhance rooftop living.

The M-Tray® is a ready-grown, fully-established sedum or wildflower green roof modular solution offering a variety of unique benefits, including:

  • Our M-Tray® green roof system consists of specially-designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum
  • Easy-to-carry trays which click together to form a seamless green roof
  • Fully established sedum plants nurtured from seed at our own UK nurseries

What makes the M-Tray® green roof unique?

  • Mature, established vegetation
  • Click-together trays create a seamless connection
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Specially-mixed substrate for the longevity of plant life
  • 100mm deep cavities for healthy roots
  • Optimum drainage means stronger plants
  • No sharp edges or mess meaning minimum disruption to plants, deck structure and inhabitants!

For more information, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.

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Why Are Green Roofs Effective For Storm Water Management

Pebbles being added to a green roof project in Hammersmith, London

With the recent levels of rain and bad weather reaching unprecedented levels, finding long-lasting effective methods of managing stormwater levels has never been more important.

The devastation caused throughout much of South East & South West England is well documented but it is vital that people realise that there are steps which can be taken to help reduce the future impact of stormwater.

Green roof systems are an extension of existing roofing spaces (and any sizeable flat open space) which involves a high-quality waterproofing and root repellent system, a drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants.

An image of a completed M-Tray installation in Mayfair

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Green roof technologies not only provide the owners of buildings with a proven return on investment but also represent highly effective opportunities for significant social, economic and environmental improvements, particularly in cities.

Storm Water Management

One of the primary benefits offered by the installation of a green roofing system such as our innovative M-Tray Modular Extensive Green Roofing System is the fact that not only is it exceptionally easy to install, it offers long-lasting assistance against the threat caused by excess stormwater.

How Do They Help?

  • Water is stored by the substrate in a green roof and then absorbed by the plants from where it is returned to the atmosphere through a combination of transpiration and evaporation.
  • During optimum periods, such as the summer, depending on the plants and depth of growing medium, green roofs offer the potential to retain up to 75% of the stormwater that falls on them. Even during the winter months, they can retain between 25-40%.
  • Not only will our M-Tray green roofing system help to retain rainwater, but it will also moderate the temperature of the water and act as an effective natural filter for any of the water that happens to run off.
  • Perhaps one of the most important benefits on offer is the fact that not only will they reduce the amount of stormwater run-off, they also delay the time at which run-off occurs, resulting in a critical reduction of the stress placed on sewer systems at peak flow periods.

Green Roof Run Off

More Information

For more information regarding Wallbarn’s Green Roofing products and our M-Tray green roofs please call Tel. No. 0208 916 2222.

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Changing From Grey to Green!

An overhead shot of a green roof

The cry of “can we have more green instead of grey” is the now the new motto of the City of Salzburg in Austria and is growing louder across the globe. Not only do many of this historical city’s residents want more green spaces, but so do the local water authority and spatial planning and building authorities.

Salzburg, along with many other cities in the country such as Vienna, Linz and Graz, has seen the wide-ranging benefits offered by the installation of green roofing systems. Green roofs offer the smart solution, particularly when installed within densely populated urban areas.

How Can We Help?

Wallbarn has developed a new, improved design for the M-Tray® modular green roof system.

The M-Tray® is a fully established, a mature green roof can be installed quickly and easily on difficult-to-access roofs by hand without the mess and disruption associated with traditional extensive green roof systems.

Benefits of Green Roofing Installation

In addition to the obvious economic advantages an attractive, natural-looking, differentiated property with lots of green space will have in the local environment, which can bring higher rental yields and real estate values, the running costs of those buildings can be reduced to such a degree that green roofs pay for themselves and bring about a “green dividend” to the owners.

The Ryerson &University of Toronto study has been mentioned on our site previously, but it recorded some financial benefits to heating and cooling costs to structures. From its pilot studies, is replicated and modelled the data to reflect what might happen across a whole city if green roofs were installed in sufficient quantities:

City of Toronto study 

  • (2.8 million people) Citywide savings from reduced energy for cooling is $21 million, equivalent to 4.15KWh/m2 per year
  • Cost avoided due to reduced demand at peak times is $68 million

Ryerson University –
Dr  Doug Banting, Professor Hitesh Doshi,
Dr James Li, Dr Paul Missios

In 2003 a cider factory in Frankfurt, which uses a large amount of energy to cool its tanks and processes, installed a “wet roof” onto the top of the factory buildings. The wet roof incorporated living green spaces and small pools of bogs and ponds.

It found that the green roof on the cider factory paid for itself within 3 years in heating and cooling costs.

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