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    Case Studies

    Big Chill bar, King’s Cross, London


    The Big Chill is a bar and restaurant in Islington’s King’s Cross, in one of the trendy upcoming areas of London. It attracts a young professional type of clientèle.

    The bar wished to construct a roof terrace above the single storey section of the bar for its clients to use. The deck was a fairly complicated area with many changes of level and multiple objects present including rooflights and ventilation ducts.

    The Big Chill House

    Waterproofing contractors installed a fully bonded single ply membrane onto the deck surface which was welded around the many complicated shapes, laps and steps to create a secure, watertight seal.

    Decking Installation

    Decking Installation

    The area was to be covered with both paving slabs and timber decking.

    Our adjustable supports (ASPs) were used for the paving areas.

    They helped create a clean, uniform paving line and because they are so adaptable and versatile, could still support the paving slabs adequately around the many awkward angles and on the roof.

    The many changes in level could be accommodated easily by adjusting the telescopic stem piece, creating one seamless upper level, balanced and sturdy – essential for an area which would be trafficked by so many people, who were often not too steady and balanced after a few drinks.

    Boundaries and parapet walls could be paved right up to the edge, meaning the slabs were always properly supported, eliminating any risks of the slabs tipping or rocking. Electricity cables and other services were hidden beneath the slabs, which avoided any risk of exposed cables becoming a health and safety issue.

    Decking Installation

    The timber decking area was constructed by placing timber joists onto adjustable support pads (TDs), which could be adjusted at the stem to create a correct level for the decking planks whilst still allowing full drainage beneath the structure and preventing any of the wood form coming into direct contact with the waterproofing, avoiding the risk of damage and also saving the wood from being immersed in standing water.

    Structures were then installed onto this deck and the finishing touches were carried out. The end result was an extremely attractive but very functional outdoor space which is regularly filled to capacity by young revellers. The bar is very pleased with the results and the management have stated how much value the deck has added to the revenues of the bar.