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    Case Studies

    Rail System for laying porcelain tiles, Albourne, West Sussex

    Pedestals Substructure


    See our short timelapse video showing how to install the highest quality ceramic tile terraces using Wallbarn Rail Suspension System.

    About the project

    Laying promenade tiles onto flat roofs and podium decks is made fast and easy with improved performance. Improve the lateral stability of the tiled area by connecting each section together with a solid framework.

    The individual adjustable support pedestals are connected to a strong profiled aluminium rail which clicks into each headpiece without the need for mechanical fixings. Expansion is accommodated by the rails being connected via long clips rather than screws. This forms an integrated framework of pedestals-and-rails which creates a solid raft like substructure to hold the tiles in place.


    Wallbarn recommends a maximum span of 600mm between pedestals and rails.

    The height of the pedestals is adjusted by twisting the stems, the rail itself can be used as an aid to obtain the correct height level across the deck. Millimetre precise adjustments can be set the optimum surface level to door thresholds and access points.


    If there is any section where a pedestal cannot be placed, simply span it by laying the rail across it, so long as the rail is supported at each end any awkward deck objects can be avoided.

    A top headpiece is connected to the rail via spring clips to hold the tiles. These top headpieces can be manoeuvred along the rail to find the correct placement for the tiles. Many different sizes and layout patterns can be accommodated in this way.

    The top headpieces have four positioning lugs which ensure correct placement of the tile, uniform spacing and give free drainage through open joints. Rainwater passes between and under the tiles.

    No mechanical fixings go through the deck surface, the whole system is free standing. The weight of the tiles hold everything in place.

    The tiles are laid quickly and securely. They are held in position in the long term, creating a solid, stable upper surface. This suspension system creates a superior finish. The joints between each tile are smooth and it gives a higher performance deck area.

    A high quality, sturdy and very attractive porcelain tiled terrace is created quickly with no mess and waste. This method allows material and labour savings and creates a very happy client.