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    Case Studies

    Lyford Road, London

    Green Roofs

    Products: M-TRAY Modular Green Roofs, Timber Decking Tiles, Adjustable Support Pads, Protecto-Drain P60 Drainage Board and Geotextile Membrane

    The client had a single storey extension with an exposed asphalt waterproofing membrane that was being overlooked by other residents within the block. They wanted to create a luxurious roof appearance as an alternative to the unattractive waterproofing membrane that was on view.

    They were also keen to cover and protect the membrane.

    The client wanted a mixture of finishes for the roof area.

    Wallbarn suggested a sedum green roof; some hard landscaping for access; and an area of more intensive vegetation using planters.

    The extensive green roof was achieved using the Wallbarn M-TRAY modular green roof.

    As the access to the roof was very restricted and did not have a high weight tolerance, the modular green roof system was ideal for installing.

    View of decking installation at Lyford Road, London

    It was delivered pre-grown and shrink wrapped in pallets. Being only 15kg per unit, it was easy to carry onto the roof.

    The quick installation cut down on labour costs, allowing for a cost-effective solution for the client.

    Wallbarn Timber Decking hardwood tiles were used for the hard landscaping and were supported using adjustable support pads (ASP).

    A chessboard design, where each tile sat at right angles to its neighbour was chosen.

    View of decking installation at Lyford Road, London

    View of decking installation at Lyford Road, London

    The ASPs were adjusted in height so that the level of the timber decking tiles was the same as the sedum on the green roof section.

    The ASPs were also adjusted in order to get the timber decking tiles up to the correct level at the door threshold.

    The planter section required drainage so Protecto-drain P60 drainage board was installed on the waterproofed deck along with our recycled polyester geotextile fleece to line the planter and provide both drainage and stability.

    A plate border was constructed to hold everything into place.

    Once the shrubs were selected and planted by the client the terrace was completed.

    The client and overlooking residents were very pleased with the finished result.

    View of decking installation at Lyford Road, London

    View of decking installation at Lyford Road, London