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Case Studies

Stanley Park School


A public sector school project required an access walkway surface on the roof but also ballasting to hold down insulation boards on an inverted waterproofing system.

View of Stanley Park school terrace from another building

Concrete paving slabs were to be used on the roof in order to ballast the insulation. The contractor was keen to ensure that there was no risk of the concrete slabs damaging the insulation boards, so 9mm rubber support pads were chosen to give a cost-effective solution. They were laid onto the rigid boards and the concrete flags suspended on the pads at each corner.

View of protection membrane and slabs

Pebbles and slab on support pedestal and protection membrane

Details, edges and the perimeter were filled in with washed pebbles.

Clean, uniform paving lines were achieved and an attractive, practical finish on the roof was created in a very fast turnaround timescale.

View of Stanley Park school terrace being built

View of Stanley Park school terrace being built