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    Case Studies

    Private balcony, Warlingham, Surrey


    This was a private balcony as part of a domestic extension project. The deck had been waterproofed with a GRP membrane which was rigid and hardwearing.

    The door threshold was fairly low which made the traditional decking design, i.e. 4 x 2” joists fixed to decking boards, was not possible. The EasyClick overall build-up is only 52mm before pedestals so Wallbarn – who are iDecking UK – was able to offer a solution to the client.

    The client had a contemporary theme running through the project and chose the Moor Oak colour to give a subtle and neutral but at the same time luxury look to the balcony. The colour did not distract from the view into the garden and blended in well with the glass balustrade.

    The contractor used Mini Megapads with a flat head to support the aluminium rails. The Mini Megapads were adjusted in height so that the rails and the boards would be flat. The rails were positioned 35cm apart to give strength to the whole system.

    Once the rails were in place and at the correct level, the boards were clicked into place using the ingenious connection design. The underside of each board has grooves which click into the specially designed clips fixed to the rails. These dart shaped clips hold the rails securely across the 62mm width of the rail. No screws or side fixings are required, giving a smooth, unblemished upper surface.

    The boards are securely fixed to the rail via the nylon clip. At each fitting point there is 25mm of grip to hold the board in place. Any movement by the board over time is accommodated by the clip runner and there is no risk of the fitting becoming loose over time in the way that screw fixings might.

    The boards were then installed by simply stamping down on them into the clips.

    Minimal force is required and once the first boards are in place, the whole system locks and becomes very stable. The clips on the rails and the grooves on the underside provide the positioning guides so it is almost impossible to install the boards incorrectly.

    The edge facing the balustrade was finished with the Step Profile in Moor Oak and the end appearance was very well received by the client.