Addressing The Issues of Working With Very Tight Height Thresholds

2 pads with a slab|An image of a MiniPad|7mm PVC disc for paving with slab

The use of Adjustable Support Pedestals to assist the installation of decking or paving can be crucial to help create a space beneath the paved/tiled surface.

Designed to help aid the installation and ensure that rainwater is able to run between and under the slabs rather than pool on top, these pedestals will help to ensure that the surface is less slippery and can even help to prolong the lifespan of decking by reducing the chances of warping due to prolonged exposure to water.

Working With Tight Height Thresholds

When faced with tight height thresholds during the installation, standard ASPs can prove to be difficult to work with due to the limited space available.

Because of this, working with feedback from our customers who needed an effective solution to restricted space areas which still required minor height alterations to achieve completely flat surfaces, Wallbarn developed the MiniPad.

The Smallest Adjustable Pedestal in the UK

We believe that the 10-20mm universal pedestal the smallest fully adjustable pedestal on the market in the UK allowing for use with ultra-low thresholds.

Allowing installers to achieve millimetre precision with our pedestals, the MiniPad decking and paving pedestal can cope with falls in more than one direction and accommodate large drops and channels.  

Height range 10mm up to 380mm

  • Designed for use when working with very tight spaces
  • The thread allows 5mm of change to the level
  • Further 5mm extension plate which is fitted to the bottom of the pedestal
  • 5mm extension plate turns 10-15mm pedestal into a 15-20mm fully adjustable pedestal for use in tight spaces
  • Special handle grips allow installers to adjust the height whilst slab is in situ – saves constantly lifting the slab to change the height

Special handle grips have been incorporated into the design to help installers fit their fingers into this tight gap and can turn the pedestal to adjust the height. An adjustment can be made whilst the slab is in place, so delays by constantly lifting the slab to change the height are avoided.

The extended handle at the side allows installers easier access for any final movements.

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Technical Data

By adding two alternative heights: Minipad 22-30mm and Minipad 28-37mm available for slightly higher clearances, to our range, we are able to cover from 10mm to 37mm in just three products.

Using these pedestals, rather than fixed height paving pads, avoids the need to have to spend a large amount of time and effort placing shims under fixed height supports trying to gain the optimum level.

Fully Adjustable

  • Achieve millimetre precision with our pedestals
  • Cope with falls in more than one direction and accommodate large drops and channels
  • Height ranges as follows:
      • Standard Universal range: 35mm up to 365mm
      • Universal Extra: 85mm up to 380mm
      • Minipads: available 10mm up to 40mm
  • Our time-saving alternative to fixed height pads
  • Perfect for overlaying and retro-fitting
  • Achieve precise, split-millimetre accuracy in the height of the pedestal to accommodate tiny changes in the level
SP-MEG-010 10-20mm 150mm 150mm 60mm 15mm 683kg 1,171kg
SP-MEG-022 22-30mm 150mm 150mm 60mm 15mm 683kg 1,171kg
SP-MEG-028 28-37mm 150mm 150mm 60mm 15mm 683kg 1,171kg

Adjustments Made Easy!

In tiny spaces, it can be difficult to make adjustments by hand. This is where the multi-function key called the Easykey can be used.

The curved and shaped profile at one end which can be used as a spanner/wrench type tool. It grips around the series of vertical bars between the head and base and can be used to turn the thread up and down.

The Wallbarn Adjustable Pedestal Range

As well as the MiniPads, we also stock a comprehensive range of adjustable decking and paving support pedestals offering a variety of benefits to your customers.

  • Achieve stunning finishes
  • Suspended system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Superior quality (Please click here for more information)
  • Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking

Green Roof: now is the time

M-Tray - Project - Whitstable_000



Now is the ideal time to install a green roof

And there is no easier way than with our M-Tray® modules


Check out this roof extension

M-Tray® green roof

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Installing green roofs: some planning tips

Wallbarn Green Roof System shoot in Wimbledon and Heathrow - 1



Key planning considerations
for installing a green roof

If you are thinking of installing a green roof, there are a few things you need to think about prior to starting….from budget to maintenance.


Read our guidance here


Can we help you with a green roof project?

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Time for a bit of green roof TLC



Green roof maintenance: a quick guide

Our sedum trays need very little maintenance but there is no harm giving your green roof a little care at this time of year.
Green Roof
1. Pull out any weeds that may have got into the sedum.

  • only walk over the sedum if you can’t reach certain areas from the edge
  • sedum squashes down under foot but bounces back in days
  • collect any chips or broken pieces of sedum and scatter them over the green roof, they will re-root into the substrate
Green Roof
2. Remove dead stalks and vegetation from gutters and outlets
Prevent clogging and minimize fire hazards
3. Feed the vegetation with some all-purpose fertiliser

4. Easily plug bare patches
Bare patches can occasionally appear due to foraging wildlife e.g. birds or squirrels. You can fill these in by pulling out small clumps of plants from areas with surplus vegetation and plugging them into the bare soil. These plants will usually take within days.

Green Roof
Green Roof

For more information on maintaining a healthy green roof
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