What Can Geoxtextile Membranes Be Used For?

polypropylene geotextile fabrics for civil engineering

Wallbarn supply a large recycled geotextile membrane range in a number of different densities & materials. This geotextile fabric range is absolutely ideal for many different uses, including protection, drainage, filtration, soil stabilisation & green roofing.

Wallbarn’s range of geotextile fabrics includes a piece of fabric in the form of a sustainable material called recycled geotextile membrane.

What Is a Recycled Geoxtextile Membrane?

These geotextiles are available as a white material and a multicoloured fabric. The white fabric is slightly stronger than the multicoloured fabric.

Both fabrics have lower tensile strength than virgin materials, but this reflects the fact that they are recycled existing fibres. They represent significant cost savings and as they are recycled materials they help with sustainability criteria including BREEAM ratings, for example.

Our recycled geotextile membrane range has proven to be extremely popular with the designers and applicators of sustainable construction projects particularly within a green roof and bio-diverse roof systems in conjunction with our other sustainable products on offer.

Build roads using geotextiles

What Applications are Recycled Geoxtextile Membranes Suited For?

Our recycled geotextile membrane range is supplied packed into tight rolls and we can supply material in a variety of roll sizes, from 1 metre wide up to 6 metres wide for very large-scale projects.

These super-jumbo rolls make installation much faster and easier as there will be less individual rolls to sew or seal together – ideal for applications such as landfills.

Geotextile products also have a wide range of use in conjunction with civil engineering solutions.

These include:

  • A filter-fabric in road construction
  • Preventing drainage systems from clogging with fine particles
  • Effective erosion control
  • Soil reinforcement agents & as a filter medium in road construction

Recycled polyester geotextile fabrics are particularly well suited for use with horticultural solutions including:

  • Prevention of weed growth with geotextiles: ‘a weed control fabric’, often by placing a geotextile layer on top of bare soil & then covering it with a mulch
  • Moisture conservation with geotextiles, again by placing the geotextile above the soil & applying a mulch above
  • Providing a filter layer (e.g. beneath a vegetated roof)
  • Creating a weed control layer (e.g. beneath a gravel path)

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Wallbarn Has Ocean Certification

Ocean Logo QMS|Ocean Logo EMS

Wallbarn is a company that has always taken the quality and environmental management aspect of our business very seriously. As such, we are both proud and delighted to announce that we have been granted ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditation from the hugely well respected Ocean Certification Limited.

We have always been a customer-focused company, constantly looking at ways to improve our service. But this now means we have been independently assessed and certified as running quality management and environmental systems, which we hope provides our customers with even greater reassurance when it comes to doing business with us.

What Does This Mean?

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Certification

All organisations strive for quality in everything they do, from how they produce their product or service to how they manage their relationships with customers. Achieving this in the real world is challenging and takes commitment to a structured process and continual improvement.

Part of the twenty-first century corporate gold standard, ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for quality management proficiency. Organisations who hold ISO 9001 are recognised in the UK and internationally for the exceptional quality of their management systems. This gives them a distinct advantage when seeking business partners, entering new markets and talking to potential large clients.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Certification

Today the environmental performance of a company is a primary concern to its stakeholders; it has now become a significant factor in companies’ commercial success or failure.

An Environmental Management System promotes commitment to a systematic approach to environmental protection and to a model of continuous improvement.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management proficiency. It is regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ by the widest possible range of audiences, from governments and corporate clients to individual consumers. This gives a significant commercial advantage to those implementing a UKAS accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System with Ocean.

What Makes Ocean Certification So Important?

Ocean provide a professional and personal service because they believe in building strong relationships with clients to achieve the best certification outcome for clients increasingly looking for flexibility and responsiveness.

While Ocean continues to grow rapidly they remain small enough to provide a personal, customer-focused approach at a competitive price.

Their UKAS Accreditation provides complete assurance of the quality of our work and ensures that an Ocean Certificate of Registration will be widely recognised.

For more information relating to Ocean Certification Limited, please click here.

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Conversion & Refurbishment Construction Projects ARE Still Happening

There has been plenty in the press this week about the doom and gloom surrounding the construction industry:

We manufacture and supply materials to the UK construction industry and are definitely seeing a growing level concern regarding the lack of new projects to replace the large schemes such as the Olympic that are nearing their completion.

Support Pads for Timber Decking
Support Pads for Timber Decking

As a manufacturer we supply to all spectrums of the UK construction industry, from the small domestic builder to the large national contractor so we get a quite good snap shot of what is going on in UK construction.

So whilst we have seen this growing level of concern regarding the lack of new large construction projects, what we are seeing is a steady stream of building conversions and refurbishments.

So whilst the banks are still not lending and everyone has become so much more cautious with their cash, the fact is that business, individual families and organisations are growing or shrinking, thus requiring changes in the buildings in which they are living or operating out of.

This does not change the fact that things are tough and that there are more companies now chasing less work; but the glimmer of hope for us and many other companies out there is that economical products and services suited to retrofitting to existing building are still in demand.

Componant Green Roof or Brown Roof
Componant Green Roof or Brown Roof

Two of the product areas for us that are doing well are green roofs and support pads for suspended decking and paving; these are both adaptable economical systems that can be easily added to existing buildings to help improve appearance, and therefore are still proving to be popular.

So it just looks like we are going to have to keep on innovating, meeting the demand that is out there, doing a great job and fighting for the work that is there. Times do not stay tough forever, and what does not kill you makes you stronger!