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    Energy efficiency and pushing the sustainability envelope

    February 17th, 2021

    As the world moves tentatively towards a sustainable future, we have begun to hear about concepts like the ‘outer envelope’ of homes and the roles they can play in reducing our carbon footprints. 

    In times past, home insulation tended to involve throwing some insulation into the ceiling and getting a pleasant surprise after discovering this year’s energy bills were lower than last year’s. Times have changed and – as the Victorian Government has noted – we now understand that insulation can cut energy usage and its associated cost by 40 – 50 per cent.

    As such, we also understand that energy efficient, or even carbon-neutral homes, have a major role in whether we meet the ambitious carbon reduction targets that most major economies (though perhaps not Australia) are setting for 2050 and beyond.

    The good news is that the ever-increasing sophistication of products in this space means that such targets are far from unrealistic. These products aren’t limited to roof insulation. They also include everything from tapes used to make houses airtight and window design to effective cladding and roofing solutions. 

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