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Just A Few Days To Go Until Grand Designs Live

//Just A Few Days To Go Until Grand Designs Live

Just A Few Days To Go Until Grand Designs Live

Just a few short days to go until Wallbarn visits Grand Designs Live at Excel to demonstrate how fast and easy it is to create a garden on an existing structural deck.

Covering a Wide Range of Areas

People who are constructing green roofs, creating their own roof gardens, sprucing up their old decking areas, retro-fitting onto structural decks or just building new paving or decking areas should visit stand B460.

We will be showing how to create soft and hard landscaping features using a range of our products.

A New Face of Decking Installation

iDecking EasyClick is the innovative new decking system using a very attractive and superior quality composite material. EasyClick is the all-in-one decking system. Gone are the days of constructing timber joist frames. Gone are the days of fitting hidden clips.

Gone are the days of unsightly screw holes in the upper surface. Gone are the days of constant maintenance and colour fading.

The ingenious fixing system means that fitting this decking involves just lining up the boards onto the rails and stamping them down.

The video below offers a great example of just how quickly and easily the installation can be completed.

Installation is up to five times faster than traditional fixing systems. it is clean, simple and environmentally friendly.

Introducing The User Friendly Way To Install Green Roofs

M-Tray® is the user-friendly way to install green roofs. Sedum and wildflower plants have been pre-installed into these easy to handle, specially designed trays to provide an instant garden for flat roofs, terraces and structural decks. M-Tray® brings life to boring flat roofs.

Instead of overlooking an ugly felt single storey extension, consider looking out over flowering plants and a natural setting. The structural and waterproofing integrity of the surface beneath is not compromised as nothing penetrates the membrane. This is a loose fitting system.

The advantages are four-fold:

  • the plants are fully established and mature, so once in place an instant greening effect is achieved. The plastic trays contain all the necessary sustenance, filtration and drainage components so the plants will survive long-term
  • the M-Tray® modules are clean and easy to handle. Green roof construction is often a very messy affair, but with everything contained within the tray, nothing spills out, meaning the least disruption possible. A module can be carried by hand easily and can even be walked through buildings for retro-fit projects. The membrane beneath the green roof is also protected from loose particles.
  • the green roof is future-proofed. If the structure beneath the vegetation ever needs to be inspected, one or more trays can be taken up without major issue; in contrast to roll-out roofs where many tonnes of loose substrate have to be dug out. If any of the plants die back or if the planting scheme is changed, the trays can be lifted and replaced quickly and easily.
  • M-Tray® brings nature and wildlife to urban environments. The plants are designed to attract insects and birds, help to absorb rainwater run-off and pollution and soften hard surfaces.

How To Create Hard Landscaping On Structural Surfaces

Adjustable Pedestals also allow designers and builders to create hard landscaping areas on structural surfaces without compromising the waterproofing membrane beneath.

Wallbarn has the largest range of pedestals for stone paving and timber deking in UK. We can provide solutions from the intimate private terrace up to commercial walkways and heavily trafficked areas.

Suspending paving or timber decking onto pedestals greatly improves the performance of the deck as it provides free drainage to the terrace, as the rainwater runs between and beneath the upper surface, reducing the risk of a slip hazard. The deck beneath is ventilated and, although the actual deck surface will be built to a fall, running towards the drainage outlet; by turning the telescopic threads on the Adjustable Pedestals, craftsmen can produce a completely flat upper surface which gives a greater sense of luxury to the area.

The slabs are placed onto the pedestals and the threads twisted so that they “bite” at the right height. Fine adjustments can be made to achieve spirit-level accuracy.

This system of laying slabs is much faster than having to set the stone slabs into mortar. The weight on the roof is reduced and a uniform paving guide is given via the straight paving lugs fitted to the headpieces, further helping installers.

Adjustable Pedestals can also be used to create timber decking areas on structural decks. The timber is lifted off the surface so will not be subject to standing water. This significantly increases the lifespan of decking projects.

The clips below highlight a recent decking installation which utilised Wallbarn’s range of TD adjustable pedestals. The project was completed at the Riverlight Development, Vauxhall, London.

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