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    Weed Control Geotextile Membrane

    This nonwoven landscape geotextile black fabric is made from recycled polypropylene and is thermo-bonded, produced without the use of adhesives or chemical binders.

    This permeable weed control membrane allows the free flow of water, air and nutrients (including fertilizer) downwards into the soil from above, but blocks sunlight into the soil and weed growth from below.

    It helps to keep moisture in the soil, encouraging plant growth but remaining an effective weed barrier.

    FLORTEX® 120 does not absorb water and reduces the growth of mould and mildew. It can be used successfully with drip irrigation systems.

    FLORTEX® 120 geotextile fabric is strong, durable and has good tear resistance. It is flexible and easy to cut and install.

    For best results cover with 50mm layer of mulch or rounded pebbles immediately after installation. It is compatible with drip irrigation systems.

    The FLORTEX® 120 weed control layer should be covered within 24 hours as prolonged exposure to UV light will reduce the lifespan and invalidate the product warranty.

    Key Advantages

    Key Advantages

    • Effective weed barrier
    • Improves air circulation and allows water and utrients into the soil
    • Prevents sunlight reaching the soil and suppresses weed growth
    • Promotes better plant growth
    • Less risk of plants rotting
    • Keeps the soil moist and cool
    • Less weeding, less maintenance
    • Prevents mould and midlew build up
    • Chemically inert and suitable for all soil types
    • Rot resistant
    • Made from recyled material, recyclable


    • Weed control
    • Tree bark protection
    • Frost protection
    • Landscape fabric
    • Cut the nonwoven fabric to required dimensions by scissors or cutters
    • Remove existing weeds and weed roots and level the soil with a rake
    • Unroll FLORTEX┬« weed control membrane120 across the top of the soil
    • If laying more than 1 metre wide overlap each roll by at least 10cm
    • Fix fabric down with pins along the edges with pins every 50cm
    • Plants can be planted by simply cross cutting the FLORTEX┬« 120 with scissors at the relevant point
    • Cover the weed control layer with at least 5cm of mulch or rounded pebbles
    Physical propertiesStandardValueUnitsToleranceTolerance (units)
    Mass per unit area[EN ISO 9864]120g/m2+/- 10%+/- 12
    Thickness[EN ISO 9863-1]2 kPa0.7mm+/- 20%+/- 0.14
    Mechanical propertiesStandardValueUnitsToleranceValue
    Tensile strength[EN ISO 10319]MD4kN/m- 10- 0.4
    [EN ISO 10319]CMD4.5kN/m- 10- 0.5
    Elongation at maximum load[EN ISO 10319]MD40%+/- 30+/- 12
    [EN ISO 10319]CMD45%+/- 30+/- 14
    Static puncture resistance (CBR)[EN ISO 12236]0.7kN- 30- 0.21
    Dynamic puncture resistance[EN ISO 13433]46mm+ 20+ 9
    Hydraulic propertiesStandardValueUnitsToleranceTolerance (units)
    Velocity index[EN ISO 11058]100mm/s- 30%- 30
    Characteristic opening size[EN ISO 12956]80┬Ám+/- 30%+/- 24
    Durability properties
    Weathering resistanceTo be covered within 1 day from the day of installation
    LifespanForecast minimum durability of 5 years in natural ground with pH between 4 and 9 and soil temperature < 25┬░C.
    The values are guiding values obtained in our laboratories and in official testing institutes.
    The confidence level is 95%
    Wallbarn reserves the right to make changes to any technical data at any time without notice.
    MD = Machine Direction / Longitude; CMD = Cross Machine Direction / Traverse; NA = Non-Applicable