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Living WallsLiving walls create a natural façade of living plants on vertical structures. They add beauty, nature and ecological benefit to the built-up environment.

Living walls are an extension to the concept of green roofs. Buildings are not only covered on their tops by vegetation, but can have a huge variety of attractive, long-lasting, vegetation covering their walls, offering much more scope to green up the fabric of the building and the urban landscape.
They offer all the advantages of green roofs in terms of added value, water attenuation and insulation. However, they offer more since there is far more area on the sides of the building than on the top, living walls offer a far more obvious and luxurious experience to users on the ground.
They are extremely attractive, highly visible and completely versatile. By covering dull grey with vibrant green, they utilise densely constructed areas to the maximum.

Wallbarn is developing a new living wall system, please ask us for more details.