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Living WallsThe green roof concept is constantly evolving & one of the newer innovations in this field is the introduction of living walls.

Living walls provide a very attractive & low maintenance way to produce more natural space in what often can be quite restricted areas.

Living walls are essentially a fixed framework of vertical trays that contain both soil & plants that are attached to a straight wall. A huge advantage of this particular concept is that if any individual tray suffers damage or the plants contained within that tray need replacing, the entire tray can be replaced with minimal disruption to the rest of the living wall.

The options for what to use in living walls are huge. Depending on the micro climate conditions & individual maintenance programmes, you can let your imagination run wild & use anything from ferns to exotic plants.

The make up of our living walls is very simple & we ensure that each cell is drip fed by installing a collection panel at the top of the wall which allows water to filter through drainage holes as part of the irrigation system.

Our living walls are 9 cells high & 5 cells across. They are attached to any straight, secure walls by being screwed into the fixing bar which is attached to the wall.

If you have any questions regarding living walls, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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