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Modular Decking Tiles in FSC® Certified Plantation Teak


Wallbarn offers a range of large decking tiles made from FSC® certified plantation Teak

Using timber tiles avoids many of the time consuming and complicated aspects to constructing timber decks, the tiles connect together to form a seamless, attractive deck finish made from real wood, with the most luxurious, beautiful appearance.

These attractive tiles are pre-formed with a special interlocking design, slotting together to make an extremely fast, easy and hassle-free way to install high-quality decking areas.

Fixings and cuts are drastically reduced as the assembly has been carried out off-site. This easy-to-install range of decking solution offers functionality, aesthetic versatility and durability.

Modular Timber Decking TilesThe tiles are manufactured from Thermo Plantation Teak. This steam treatment process gives the timber additional strength and moisture resistance properties, making it longer lasting and stronger.

All the Teak for use in these tiles is sourced from plantation forests in Brazil, and we only use certified FSC® Certified timber. Wallbarn holds FSC® Chain of Custody –FSC® Certified – SGS-COC-007242X – supplier of FSC 100% timber – meaning we support the management of the sustainable plantations, helping to promote and respect the environment and local workers, without damaging precious tropical forests.

The tiles are for use in domestic settings and commercial areas with a medium level of foot traffic.

As the tiles are connected at endpoints only, rather than decking planks which are screw-fixed at very close settings; the decking can be taken up and replaced much more easily should the deck beneath ever need to be inspected in the future.

The steaming thermic process

The tiles are manufactured using FSC® Plantation Teak. This material has been treated with a special steaming thermic process. After this treatment, the Teak takes on a burnished yellow colour, which gives higher resistance to the elements when compared to traditional plantation Teak. It also improves the aesthetic appearance.

When exposed to UV sunlight and adverse weather conditions, the teak wood will fade in colour over time and tend to turn grey. Regular maintenance with approved cleaning solutions and natural oil can minimise this effect and help to restore the original natural colour.


Fence Style

Modular Hardwood Timber Decking TilesThe individual planks within each tile are the same width so the appearance is more uniform. The edges of each plank are rounded.

Only one sized tile is available – 842 x 1100 x 40mm

Modular Hardwood Timber Decking Tiles

For 10m² of flooring users will require:

11 x 842 x 1100 x 40mm

Navy Style

Modular Hardwood Timber Decking TilesThe individual planks different thickness flat planks within the tile and a perpendicular border plank at one end. This creates the angles of a right border effect when the tiles are laid out.

It is available in one size only – 854 x 664 x 40mm

Modular Hardwood Timber Decking Tiles

For 10m² of flooring users will require:

18 x 854 x 664 x 40mm




Standard deviation

Specific gravity

600 kg/m³

± 50 kg/m³

Monnin hardness


± 0.05

Volumetric shrinkage coefficient

6.9 %

± 0.5 %

Tangential shrinkage coefficient

4.4 %

± 0.5 %

Radial shrinkage coefficient

2.3 %

± 0.1 %

Tangential shrinkage coeff./ Radial shrinkage coeff. ratio

1.9 %


Fibre saturation point











Standard deviation

Crushing strength

41 MPa

± 6 MPa

Static bending strength

95 MPa

± 10 MPa

Modulus of elasticity

10,000 MPa

± 700



Fungi (according to E.N. standards) Class 3: moderately durable
Dry wood borers Durable
Termites (according to E.N. standards)- Class M: moderately durable
Use class ensured by natural durability 3
Species covering the use class 5 NO

Source: ASTM D 143-94 (2000) Standard Methods of testing Small Clear Speciments of Timber

Modular Timber Decking TilesFSC® Certified – SGS-COC-007242X – supplier of FSC 100% timber decking




The tiles can be laid either directly onto the roof deck or mounted onto Wallbarn adjustable pedestals.

A number of different styles are available and they are designed to fit together easily to produce a stunning, natural timber deck.

Different sized tiles are available which helps with the installation process when coming to the end of runs and details such as corners. All the ties are 40mm thick. The underside of each tile has a series of rubber stoppers/feet, 10mm high, set into them to prevent damage to the sub-deck. There are sidebar fittings on each tile which will slot underneath the top section of the next tile, creating a tongue-and-groove type connection.

Always leave a 10mm gap at all edges to allow for expansion and movement.

Fitting directly onto the deck

Modular Timber Decking Tiles

Simply place tiles onto the deck and slide each one into place, slotting the sidebar fittings under the top board of the next tile, and applying wood glue at the point of connection is required. The tiles can be cut around edges and corners if needed and an edging profile can be fitted to an open-end if required. Be careful never to drill through the membrane beneath.

Installing using Wallbarn pedestals

Modular Timber Decking Tiles

Remove the rubber stoppers/feet from the underside of the tiles. Layout the Wallbarn pedestals so that there is one in each corner and additional pedestals under the central sections of the tiles, no more than 500mm apart. Installers can use adhesive to fix the tiles to the pedestals as an option. This is not always necessary.

The suspended system avoids having to fix anything onto the deck and lifts all the timber away from any standing water, avoiding the dangers of a slippery surface. Unsightly items such as drainage outlets, cables and pipes can be hidden beneath the tiles and accessed easily.

The system is perfectly stable and secure; the weight of the tile will hold the system in place so long as the decking is surrounded on all four sides by a wall or parapet of some sort.