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Pedestal Rail System – The Key To Futureproofing?

June 24th, 2019

The brand new pedestal rail system from Wallbarn can be used for a variety of substrates including porcelain, concrete and natural stone pavers.

Ideal for set-ups with large-sized stoneware tiles, the pedestals rail system provides stability and finishes that have not been thought of so far with ceramic stonewares.‎ 

Constructed from lightweight, resistant aluminium, together with the supports, it guarantees a capacity and solidity that cannot be compared to that without the joist.‎


These support rails created a structurally robust “floating floor” system offering a variety of post-installation benefits as they can be lifted for access or re-laid at the end of the paving’s life.

  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Grid system for increased strength

Durable and easy to install, the pedestal rail system can play a key role in helping to ensure paved surfaces look great for many years to come.

The rails reduce the need for pedestals which greatly increases the speed of installation.

Suitable For

  • Decking Tiles 
  • Natural / Porcelain Tile Products

By using a framework created from our pedestal rail system and laying the tiles using pedestals and rails, extra support will be provided to the structure.

Innovative New Modular System

This new innovative modular system will allow you to lay ceramic planks, even long ones, with the minimum of effort allowing for aesthetic solutions which were not previously achievable with this new format.

Benefits of the rail system include:

  • Extra support
  • Can support very thin tiles across the whole edge
  • Grid framework results in faster installation because flat levels can be achieved easier
  • The modular system ensures that repairs are easier

Install Boards of Any Shape And Size

This new type of pedestal rail system is suitable to help install decking boards and stonewares or slabs made of stone and ceramics, of any shape and size.‎ 

Previously, the raised laying of tile floors and decking in any outdoor area could only be completed by utilising a mixture of complex stands and accessories.‎ Even with the most complete mixed systems, which allow adequate accessories to be used, installation with joists has always been unthought of for ceramic and stone products, especially if they are large or have particular shapes.‎ 

However, the introduction of the pedestal rail system to the market ensures that outdoor raised floors can be created with boards and a mixed top finish.‎

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