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    Metal edging plate with Megapad adjustabe pedestal

    Pave up to walls

    The Metal Edging Plate is designed to support and position tiles and slabs up to walls and parapets. They are loose laid onto the headpiece of the pedestals to hold two tiles on the headpiece of each pedestal.

    They maintain correct spacing of the slabs / tiles and are strong enough to support the weight of those tiles / slabs plus pedestrian traffic on the sections that overhang the headpiece of the pedestal. This means clean lines and attractive finishes are created on terraces, podiums and flat roofs.

    Building guidelines state that a 10mm gap should be made between paving and walls / parapets to allow for adequate drainage. The angle of the bullnose at one end of the plate can be adjusted to increase or decrease the gap, ensuring compliance and creating the right aesthetics.

    Universal Pedestal for paving and decking - close-up with slab

    Easy To Install

    Installation is simple, simply remove two of the four lugs on the paving pedestal so the remaining two are pointing in the same direction. This creates two equal hemispheres on the face of the headpiece. Place the edging plate onto the two lugs and slide along until the bullnose meets the point of the wall or parapet. There is room along the inner slit to position the plate in the exact position.

    Place the tiles / slabs onto the headpiece of the pedestal and their weight will hold the system together in place. A gap is thus created between the wall and the slabs.

    The Metal Edging Plates reduce the risk of the tiles / slabs tilting when loads are placed at the edges as they maintain contact to the headpiece of the pedestal.

    Being made from stainless steel they are ultra-hard wearing and durable in the long term. They are lightweight and safe to handle.
    For a superior finish to terrace, balcony, walkway, podium and flat roof projects with clean lines and proper support, choose the Metal Edging Plate from Wallbarn.


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