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    Ventus Uplift Bracket

    Protect Your Balcony or Roof Terrace

    Suspending tiles or slabs onto pedestals at height, and in areas of serious storm force winds, contain the risk of them being blown off the tops of these buildings.

    The risk of serious damage and major health & safety risks is significant.

    When tiles or slabs are laid onto pedestals, the gap between each tile / slab allows the possibility of wind passing between them and forcing a vortex / wind tunnel effect in one specific point of the terrace and producing enough pressure to lift it.

    Ventus Ties Together Tiles or Slabs

    Ties Together Tiles or Slabs

    These stainless steel connection brackets are designed to slot inside a groove cut into the sides of porcelain tiles / paving slabs without the need for adhesives.

    They โ€œtie togetherโ€ the separate tiles / slabs and anchor them down to the deck beneath via their accumulated weight.

    This forms a more connected, dimensionally stable platform across the area. The forces of wind are diffused across the whole platform layer, minimizing the chances of a single tile being lifted by a freak force.

    The brackets are made from Stainless Steel so suitable for Class A / non-combustible projects.

    Ventus Uplift Bracket have been independently tested in wind tunnels and when slotted into the sides of the tiles can withstand an upward pressure up to 1,000 Pascals (over 145 km / hr).

    For best results install the brackets in three positions along each side of the tile / slab.

    Ventus Installation


    Ventus Uplift Bracket can be installed easily by hand. They are inserted into a biscuit cut section cut into the sides of the tiles via a double bladed angle grinder.

    Installers should cut a straight biscuit cut into the sides of the tiles / slabs of at least 5mm thick.

    This allows the rectangular shaped bar at one end of the bracket to fit into place and allow a small amount of movement.

    Turn the bracket upside down and slot the upper section between the slabs, twisting it at the point it meets the cuts of the tiles to slot into place.

    Release and the weighted end drops, allowing the bracket to swing into position. The U shaped retention clip is dropped on top to hold it securely in place.

    To remove the Ventus Uplift Bracket, use a screwdriver to slide between the gaps in the tiles to swing the underside up and grab with fingers. Twist the central column again to release the bar from the tile cuts.