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    For Paving

    For Paving

    • Self-levelling headpiece incorporates 4 x positioning lugs (fins) laid out in a crucifix formation set towards the edges
    • The four positioning lugs (fins) creates a drainage gap of 4mm between the tiles/pavers. This is to allow “The Key” to be used to adjust the height of the pedestal without having to lift the tile/paver.
    • The headpiece also comprises 4 x separate parts created to allow up to a 5% or 2.86° slope correction in all directions
    • The mechanism at the bottom of the headpiece allows smooth movement and positioning of the paving slab
    • The lugs (fins) separate paving slabs and tiles on the headpiece to allow sufficient drainage between slabs
    • This creates a uniform paving line so the slabs are laid completely straight
    • A rubber anti-shock pad slots onto the headpiece over a series of ridges to give better grip to the slab and help insulate against vibration and noise travelling through the pedestal to the deck beneath

    Video: how to pave up to a wall

    Video: how to cut the pedestal for paving up to a wall

    For Decking

    For Decking

    • The lugs (fins) are set out towards the edges of the headpiece giving a 55mm gap between them to house a timber joist
    • Decking boards are then fixed to the timber joist frame no need to cut furrings – simply adjust your pedestal height
    • The auto-correcting head makes installing decking systems much faster than traditional methods
    Clip Head for Rail System

    Clip Head for Rail System

    The Mega Balance pads are compatible with our cross-rail system, offering extra stability for paving and decking.

    The Mega Balance pads can be used to join two separate rails as shown here

    Extruded Aluminium Rails for connection to pedestals as part of comprehensive rail system

    • Seamless connection without the need for mechanical fixings for paving and decking substructure projects.
    • Produces a raft type structure for heavy weight support.
    • Significantly increases lateral stability and weight distribution across the deck, gives scope for variety of furniture and object build up onto structure.
    • High Quality extruded aluminium grade 6063T6 to BS EN 755-9
    • Special outer ledged profile for seamless connection
    • Clip onto Mega Balance headpieces without need for screws
    • 60mm wide bar top and bottom for optimum weight distribution and sufficient surface area for fixing
    • The rail helps to “tie together” the pedestals, giving more stability across the upper surface
    • Modular system:
      • Three different rail heights for variety of build ups:
        • 20mm high x 2 metres long
        • 25mm high x 2.5 metres long
        • 50mm high x 2.5 metres long

    The rail system not only gives greater stability across the terrace area, but it also speeds up installation significantly.

    Instead of having to measure each pedestal height when attempting to create a flat upper surface, installers can measure the pedestals at each end of the aluminium rail to get the level, then place the intermediate pedestals under the rail and wind them up until they “bite”

    Fixed Height & Self-levelling

    The Mega Balance pedestal offers two convenient options in the one pedestal. Each pedestal is self-levelling as the standard configuration. To make it a fixed head setting, simply use “The Grey Nut.”

    To enable this, insert The Grey Nut into the center of the headpiece between the marked sections and apply firm pressure. The arrows on The Grey Nut should align with the existing black molding in the central section of the headpiece. Once in position, the headpiece becomes securely locked and fixed.

    By incorporating both layout options within the same pedestal, installers gain enhanced flexibility in their projects, streamlining the installation process.

    If you have any questions, get in touch.

    The Black Nut

    The Black Nut is occasionally used when working with the Mega Balance Clip pedestal. By placing the Nut into the central part of the headpiece, it allows you adjust the height by twisting the stem of the pedestal.

    This is particularly handy when using lower height pedestals and for when the pedestal is in situ with the aluminium rail/joist already connected.

    If you have any questions, get in touch.

    Retro-adjust Height -

    Retro-adjust Height - "The Key"

    Mega Balance are future-proofed and very user friendly, as minor levelling adjustments (which may be required over time) can be made in-situ without having to lift the slabs.

    Often suspended paving areas can have slabs starting to rock or dip, as the structure moves through expansion or traffic and other forces lead to the upper surface becoming unlevel. “The Key” is the solution.

    Instead of having the physically lift the affected slabs, twist the thread on the pedestal, replace the slabs and checking for the correct height; users have the major advantage of using The Key. By placing the key into the centre of the headpiece users can lift the height of the pedestal marginally to recreate the flat, correct level for the slabs.

    This is a much faster process to achieve the correct paving level and crucially has major health & safety advantages. Instead of having to lift heavy paving slabs repeatedly, operatives can ensure perfect upper level of paving without risk to both their own welfare and from dropping a slab onto the surface / subdeck.

    Mega Balance offer flexibility, speed and safety to the FM teams and owner alike.

    Video: How to use “The Key”

    DescriptionHeavy duty, Self-levelling Adjustable Pedestals with top key to alter levels in completed paving and tiling decks. Extended height range, variety of headpieces available.
    Maximum Load: 20,713 N = 2,057kg
    End of Linear Behaviour:15,300N = 1,560kg
    CATAS Test Score179112 / 1
    Top KeyTo adjust height of pedestal whilst slabs in situ
    Self-levelling HeadpieceUp to 5% in all directions
    Fixing RingTo lock headpiece / allow self-levelling headpiece
    Material Pedestal20% recycled Polypropylene
    Material shimTPE
    Diameter of Head Piece150mm
    Diameter of Screw140mm
    Diameter of Base200mm
    ScoreTest Method
    Melt Flow rate14?16 Gr / 10’ASTM D 1238
    Weight / density0.99?1.04 Gr / cm3ASTM D 792 Method A
    Softening point with load of 5kg (VICAT test)>75 °CASTM D 1525
    Heat Deflection Test with load of 1820 kPa> 90 °CASTM D 648
    Coefficient of elasticity1600 MpaASTM D 790
    Impact resistance (Izod test ? at 23°C)>40 J/mASTM D 256
    Impact resistance (Izod test ? at minus 20°C)>20 J/mASTM D 256
    Max Weight Tolerance at minus 40°C27.830 NCATAS 179112 / 1
    Fire classificationMEGA BALANCE pedestals are classified as “EUROCLASS E” according to EN 13501?1:2009. Special CLASS B1 (EN 13501?1:2009) rated pedestals can be manufactured upon request.

    Product CodeDescription
    SP-MEG-BAL-025-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 25-30mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-030-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 30-37mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-037-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 37-50mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-050-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 50-75mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-075-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 75-125mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-125-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 125-225mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-225-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 225-325mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-325-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 325-425mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-425-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 425-525mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-525-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 525-625mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-625-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 625-725mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-725-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 725-825mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-825-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 825-925mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-925-ZMega Balance Self-levelling Pedestal - 925-1025mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-025-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 25-30mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-030-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 30-37mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-037-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 37-50mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-050-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 50-75mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-075-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 75-125mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-125-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 125-225mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-225-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 225-325mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-325-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 325-425mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-425-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 425-525mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-525-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 525-625mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-625-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 625-725mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-725-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 725-825mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-825-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 825-925mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-CLIP-925-ZMega Balance Pedestal - CLIP HEAD for RAIL - 925-1025mm
    SP-MEG-BAL-KEY-ZTop Key for height adjustment - The Yellow Key
    SP-MEG-BAL-R-1-ZHead Locking Ring to stop self-levelling - The Grey Nut
    SP-MEG-BAL-R-2-ZManual Rotation Attachment - The Black Nut

    Slope correctors can be used with all Universal, Balance & Mega Balance pedestals

    SLOPE 1200mm82mm1%0.57°
    SLOPE 2200mm82mm2%1.11°
    SLOPE 3200mm82mm3%1.71°

    NBS Source

    BIM Library

    • Info to follow

    2D CAD Drawings

    • Assembly H25-30 (3 Versions)
    • Assembly H75-150 (3 Versions)
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Adjustment Tool
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Center Lock1
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Center Lock2
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Circ AntiSlip
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Decking Top
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Main.Base h25-30
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Main.Base h75-125
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z MetalBar Top
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Thread h25-30
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Thread h75-150
    • SP-MEG-BAL-075-Z Tile Top

    3D CAD Drawings Full Assembly (eDrawings)

    • Assembly H25-30
    • Assembly H75-150

    3D CAD Drawings - Individual Parts

    Wallbarn supplies a range of accessories to go with our Balance range of self-levelling pedestals including lugs, shims and slope correctors.

    See our Accessories

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