Project Description

iDecking installation – 2017, Earlsfield, London

EasyClick installation onto large residential balcony

This project involved a large balcony in a relatively new residential development with a great view overlooking a golf course. The owner wanted to smarten-up her terrace, getting rid of the tired existing paving. However, lifting the old slabs would have annulled her waterproofing warranty. Thankfully iDecking can be placed directly over old paving and other existing surfaces.

So our EasyClick system was loose-laid onto 7mm rubber pads which sat on top of a layer of geotextile fabric to act as a filter layer.

In the second image below you can see the iJack bracket connected at the edge of the board. This is designed to mitigate thermal expansion by ensuring a consistent gap is maintained between each decking board, preventing the boards from touching and buckling.

Our EasyClick solution is super-quick to install – sometimes up to five time faster than alternatives – a 30sqm surface like this can take as little as a day to complete.

The other advantage of being able to lay iDecking directly onto old surfaces is that it reduces the build-up to thresholds such as doors and French windows onto balconies and terraces.

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