Project Description

Timber Tile installation

Refurbishment of rooftop terrace

This project involved a penthouse apartment in Tunbridge Wells with a huge roof terrace. The existing deck which had become quite dilapidated needed complete refurbishment.

All of the old decking needed to be lifted, cut into sections and removed from the premises. The whole terrace was then jet-washed and painted with a protective coating.

Specialist garden design and landscaping contractor Design Outdoors then set about installing the timber tile system over adjustable pedestals, supplied by Wallbarn.

Using timber tiles on top of free-standing pedestals keeps the tiles out of standing water which might make them warp, and leaves the space underneath clear for cables, pipework and outlets and as tiles aren’t fixed to the pedestals, access can be gained simply by lifting a tile.

Balconies and rooftop terraces are inherently hard to reach. Timber tiles, being modular, are far easier to handle and transport than traditional solutions which involve long joists, deck boards etc

With most hardwood installations the boards need to be pre-drilled and counter-sunk which is time-consuming. Our timber tiles, being pre-fabricated, do not require further screws or fixing once on site, saving a great deal of time.

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