M-Tray®green roof, Sydenham (New!)

/M-Tray®green roof, Sydenham (New!)
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Project Description

M-Tray® green roof

Sydenham, UK

We were asked to replace a green roof that was struggling on the rooftops to the side and back of this beautiful family home in Sydenham, South London.

The speed and ease of transporting and installing our modular trays meant minimum disruption for the homeowner.

Trays were delivered to site on pallets and then handballed to the roof.

The modules are laid down onto our geotextile to provide a little additional protection between the tray and the roof membrane.

Pebbles were laid around the perimeter between the trays and any outlets.

Once installed the vegetation blends quickly creating a seamless green roof and, looking out from the upper floors, a sense of continuity from the house across the garden.

Project Details