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    The Many Benefits Of Green Roofs In The City

    January 22nd, 2020

    If you are concerned about the impact of your property on the local environment, there are many things that you can do around your home to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

    For example, the installation of a green roof on your home offers many environmental benefits, as well as making your home more energy-efficient.

    What exactly is a green roof?

    Simply put, it involves growing vegetation on the roof of your property, rather than just having shingles or tile. Actually growing plants on your house without damaging the structure or killing the plants requires some effort, but the basic idea is simple.

    Once a green roof is in place, you will experience many benefits from its presence. A simple benefit is simply the aesthetic appeal. Having green plants growing on your roof can be a lot more attractive than dull, grey tiles. It certainly will give your home a unique appearance that will make it stand out in contrast to your neighbours.

    Waste Reduction

    A green roof will also help reduce the amount of waste that is produced and sent to a landfill. Many materials can be recycled and reused in such a roof so that they do not have to simply be disposed of. A green roof also makes your home more energy-efficient so that your heating and cooling system experiences less wear and tear, making it last longer before it needs to be repaired or even replaced.

    Rainwater Management

    If you live in a rainy area, having a green roof will also help you better manage the water from a storm. These roofs soak up rainwater rather than just letting it run off onto the ground. In the summer, for example, green roofs can absorb as much as three-quarters of the rainfall that lands on them. Even in winter, they can absorb around a third of the precipitation.

    Temperature Moderation

    On a broader scale, the widespread use of green roofs will help to moderate the temperatures in your city. The urban heat island effect is a phenomenon that causes cities to be significantly warmer than the surrounding countryside. Installing green roofs on homes and other buildings moderates this effect and cools off a city.

    As you can see, there are many benefits to green roofs, both for you individually as well as for the wider community. Why not think about having one installed on your home in the near future?

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