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    What Is A Roll-Out Green Roof?

    November 10th, 2020

    The roll-out green roof is a simple, low maintenance sedum green roof system where each element is supplied separately and installed layer by layer. It is an effective way of greening a roof deck and bringing a sense of nature to built-up areas.

    An image of a roll-out green roof

    Key Advantages

    • lightweight systems – as light as 50kg per m2
    • total build-up depth – 100-150mm thick
    • simple vegetation – mainly sedum
    • drought tolerant
    • saline tolerant
    • low maintenance requirement
    • irrigation system (optional)

    Specifically Designed To Be Lightweight

    Extensive green roofs are designed to be lightweight. Therefore, they can be used on a large variety of structures.

    The sedum plants we use have been selected to be easy to manage and do not need a large amount of watering, making them ideal for areas which may be overlooked but are difficult to access and maintain.

    A Mix of Different Sedum Species

    The sedum blankets contain a mixture of different species of sedum, specifically selected to provide a variety of different textures, colours and flowering periods and are supplied with at least 85% coverage. They are designed to give consistent, all year round coverage of vegetation throughout the year.

    Mixes of wildflowers, herbs and bulbs can also be incorporated into the blankets. We supply healthy, freshly cut sedum blankets.

    To find out more about lightweight roll-out green roofs, please click here.