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    Why Don’t More Buildings Have Green Roofs?

    November 19th, 2020

    A recent article in the Conversation raised an interesting point. If green roofs improve the urban environment – why don’t all buildings have them?

    Thankfully, the answer to this question can be viewed far more positively than just a few years ago as a recent report in the UK suggested that the green roof market there is expanding at a rate of 17% each year.

    A Growing Trend

    Whilst the UK is still relatively new to developing green roofs, it is significant that governments and institutions are playing a major role in helping to promote the benefits.

    London is central to the UK’s green roof market, with forward-thinking policies such as the 2019 London Plan, helping to play a pivotal role. With outstanding initiatives such as this in place, recent history has seen the areas covered by green roofs more than double in England’s capital city.

    Although London is currently leading the way, this is not to say that other cities are being left behind. There are now “living labs” at the Universities of Sheffield and Salford which are helping to establish the precedent elsewhere.

    The IGNITION project – led by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority – involves the development of a living lab at the University of Salford, with the aim of uncovering ways to convince developers and investors to adopt green roofs. 

    For more on this story, please visit the Conversation website by clicking here.

    Creating an Instant Green Roof

    The M-Tray® offers the chance to install an instant green roof. Since the sedum is less shocked by the installation process, as soon as the trays are connected together the whole area is filled with well-established plants. They will start to grow straight away, forming a seamless layer of vegetation much faster.

    Not only are our M-Trays® easy to install and transport, but they will also last in the long term. Every now and again throughout the year, you will need to do some maintenance e.g. weeding but apart from that, our trays are designed to be as self-sufficient as possible (they are designed to capture rainwater, releasing it gradually feeding the species set into our special substrate).

    Speed is also a major factor. It has been proven that green roofs constructed using M-Tray® are installed much faster than in traditional roll-out methods.

    Access to the roof is future-proofed. If there are problems with the deck beneath or inspection is required, one M-Tray® or section can easily be lifted out without disruption to the whole roof.

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