Hammer fixed metal dowels

Hammer fixed metal dowels

Wallbarn has a range of metal dowels for fixing materials to vertical structures. They are manufactured from steel and are hard wearing with a high tension load. These robust and durable products are designed to help installers create solid fixings to the horizontal or vertical surface.

The product is made up of a polypropylene sleeve with steel nail. It can be used for dry wall installations – when fastening metal profiles to walls or ceiling; or externally when fixing metal trays or profiles to walls.

The outer sleeve has a diameter of 5.6 mm. The product is available in 3 different lengths, 40mm, 60mm or 80 mm.  



Description & Screw Diameter / Length of Pin


Hammer fixed metal expansion dowel 6x40mm (200 pieces per box)


Hammer fixed metal expansion dowel 6x60mm (200 pieces per box)


Hammer fixed metal expansion dowel 6x80mm (100 pieces per box)