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    5mm pads

    5mm pads

    Use these durable PVC discs to lift paving slabs or timber decking off waterproofing

    • Solid circular discs made from PVC with a smooth finish
    • Hard-wearing, non-slip profile
    • Creates separation layer with deck
    • Offers acoustic properties
    • Will not become brittle in cold weather
    • Separate cross spacer available
    7mm pads

    7mm pads

    • hard-wearing PVC pad
    • includes integrated spacing lugs
    • ideal for retro-fit projects and areas with very low height thresholds
    • the upper surface of the pad contains drainage channels which run out to the edges of the disc
    • integrated headpiece for either paving or decking


    Paving: plastic positioning lugs ensure that slabs are clearly separated from each other, with regular spacing between them, and are held securely in place

    Decking: special timber decking headpiece has sidebars 60mm apart, meaning a standard 2โ€ / 50mm wide timber joist can be placed between the bars. The joists will form a framework structure for the decking system and the decking planks are fixed to that framework. An alternative decking headpiece (TD Plus) is available.

    The product comes in two parts supplied together: the PVC disc and the positioning lug (available for either paving or timber decking).

    9mm pads

    9mm pads

    Circular pads manufactured from high quality synthetic rubber

    • extremely tough and flexible
    • easy to cut
    • weight tolerance of 8 tonnes
    • sound and vibration insulation
    • 4 x lugs on upper surface to provide regular spacing between paving slabs
    • grooves allow drainage below the paving into appropriate drainage outlets
    • rubber compound ensures pads will not slip on the surface beneath when being installed
    • for paving or decking installations
    14mm & 17mm pads

    14mm & 17mm pads

    Ideal for paving and timber decking on more straightforward decks.

    • gives a uniform, attractive finish
    • manufactured from injection-moulded HDPE
    • saves considerable installation time
    • eliminates the need for bedding paving slabs into mortar, reducing mess, waste and hassle
    • very tough – weight tolerance of 1,000kg per pad
    • reduces weight on roof


    Paving up to walls

    Our fixed height pads are made in four quadrants joined together with a small link and can be snapped apart to produce segments of a half or a quarter. This helps:

    • paving around corners and at the end of runs
    • eliminate wastage and give a tidy finish to details, including when paving
    • flush up to walls and parapets
    • accommodate irregular shapes and slab sizes

    Further adjustments can be made with shims, which fit onto both rubber and plastic support pads.

    Plastic shims for placing on the upper side of the support pads come in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

    Please look at our page on shims here.

    We also offer a wedge-shaped adjustable shim / slope corrector for laying under the support pad. With an adjustable range of 3mm to 8mm, these rubber shims can be used to take out any slope and achieve a flat upper surface.

    OUTER DIAMETER150mm150mm120mm150mm
    WEIGHT TOLERANCE8,000kg8,000kg8,000kg1,000kg
    THICKNESS OF LUGSN/AVarious5mm4mm

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