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    Ideal for Paving

    • Self-levelling headpiece incorporates 4 x positioning lugs (fins) laid out in a crucifix formation set towards the edges
    • The headpiece also comprises 4 x separate parts created to allow up to a 5% or 2.86° slope correction in all directions
    • The mechanism at the bottom of the headpiece allows smooth movement and positioning of the paving slab
    • The lugs (fins) separate paving slabs and tiles on the headpiece to allow sufficient drainage between slabs
    • This creates a uniform paving line so the slabs are laid completely straight
    • A rubber anti-shock pad slots onto the headpiece over a series of ridges to give better grip to the slab and help insulate against vibration and noise travelling through the pedestal to the deck beneath

    Video: how to pave up to a wall

    Video: how to cut the pedestal for paving up to a wall


    Ideal for Decking

    • The lugs (fins) are set out towards the edges of the headpiece giving a 55mm gap between them to house a timber joist
    • Decking boards are then fixed to the timber joist frame no need to cut furrings – simply adjust your pedestal height
    • The auto-correcting head makes installing decking systems much faster than traditional methods



    Superior Quality

    • Manufactured from injection moulded virgin fibre polypropylene to ensure technical compliance
    • Each pedestal has a weight tolerance of 683kg per unit
    • Tested to temperatures of +75°c and -40°c

    Product Info

    Telescopic stem
    Our Balance pedestals are manufactured with a telescopic stem which is twisted by hand to achieve a completely flat upper surface. This saves a great deal of time and labour.

    Suspended system
    The weight of the slab holds everything in place. Rainwater can run between and under the slabs, so there is no standing water left on the surface. This improves health & safety as it makes the paved area less slippery.

    Hide unsightly objects
    Cables, water pipes and drainage outlets can be concealed underneath the paving slabs or decking, improving the aesthetics and optimising the building footprint, bringing more yield to the developer.

    Low threshold
    Our 25-50mm Balances have been specifically designed to make installations at very low height thresholds easier.

    A small “PULL” tab on the side enables installers to open up the pedestal and set the unit at different heights, depending on which sized notch they decide to connect together. Each setting is 5mm higher at each step. By changing the setting of the notches installers can create a 25-30mm pedestal, a 30-35mm pedestal and a 35-40mm pedestal.

    The standard lug height is 10mm, to reflect the lower height threshold of the  actual pedestal and the fact that often very thin tiles are used with these products.

    Heights of 40-45mm can be achieved by simply adding a 5mm plate under the pedestal.

    NBS Source

    BIM Library

    Balance Self Levelling Pedestals CAD Drawings

    • BALANCE Head
    • 25-50mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 47-62mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 62-82mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 77-112mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 107-142mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 137-172mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 167-202mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 197-232mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 222-257mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 252-287mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 282-317mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 312-347mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    • 342-377mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal

    Balance Extra Self Levelling Pedestals CAD Drawings

    • 97-147mm BALANCE EXTRA adjustable pedestal
    • 137-227mm BALANCE EXTRA adjustable pedestal
    • 222-392mm BALANCE EXTRA adjustable pedestal
    MaterialVirgin fibre injection moulded polypropylene
    Weight Tolerance*683kg
    Maximum Load*1,171kg
    Max TemperaturePlus 75 ° C
    Min TemperatureMinus 40 °C
    Base Plate Diameter200mm or 150mm
    Extension Plate size5mm thick x 150mm diameter – for BAL-025 only
    Headpiece Diameter120mm
    Lug Height10mm
    Lug width / thickness2.2mm (4mm available)
    Degree of slope on head5% – approx. 2.86°

    Balance Pedestals

    SP-BAL-02525-50mm BALANCE adjustable pedestal
    SP-BAL-04747-62mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP-BAL-06262-82mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP-BAL-07777-112mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP-BAL-107107-142mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP-BAL-137137-172mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-167167-202mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-197197-232mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-222222-257mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-252252-287mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-282282-317mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-312312-347mm BALANCE Pedestal
    SP- BAL-342342-377mm BALANCE Pedestal

    Balance Extra

    SP-BAL-EXTRA-9797-147mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal
    SP-BAL-EXTRA-137137-227mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal
    SP-BAL-EXTRA-222222-392mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal

    Slope correctors can be used with all Universal, Balance & Mega Balance pedestals

    SLOPE 1200mm82mm1%0.57°
    SLOPE 2200mm82mm2%1.11°
    SLOPE 3200mm82mm3%1.71°

    Balance Pedestals Gallery