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    Finished iDecking around Seating Area

    Why is Duro 2.0 composite decking so good?

    Duro 2.0 composite decking is a solid, dense, stable deckboard which provides superior scratch and stain resistance. Unlike hollow WPCs, Duro 2.0 will not shatter, curl or splinter. The textured grain upper surface has a real wood appearance with good slip resistance and it withstands heavy foot traffic in the long-term.

    Duro 2.0 composite decking is a solid, high quality co-extruded and capped composite material for superior performance, long-term durability and good scratch and stain resistance.

    The connection options mean there are no surface fixings puncturing the boards. The decking is secured to the substructure through side fixings giving a seamless appearance, making it suitable for bare foot traffic and means the decking will not open and split around the fixings over time.

    Duro 2.0 composite decking surface has a realistic wood appearance. The wood grain is embossed into the extrusion giving the feel of a natural wood decking board.

    Duro 2.0 composite decking is 100% recyclable and extremely easy to clean thanks to a 100% non-absorbent surface.

    It has high levels of stability, is less susceptible to colour fading and has superior UV resistance. It carries a 15-year performance warranty.

    Duro 2.0 decking boards

    Why is Duro 2.0 composite decking so durable?

    Duro 2.0 composite decking is a solid board which is denser and heavier than hollow WPC boards. It will not bend or curl in hot weather when installed properly and it will not crack or splinter in sub-zero temperatures. It will not fade in after exposure to UV light and it will not become brittle after exposure to large long-term changes in temperature.

    Duro 2.0 composite decking is made from recycled rice husk, bamboo and virgin PVC and is covered with a hard-wearing protective surface. This is a heavy duty material for commercial and high end domestic applications.

    The organic content of Duro 2.0 composite material is made from a mixture of rice husks and bamboo fibres which do not absorb moisture or bacteria. This makes it less susceptible to rotting or turning green or black.

    The plastic element comes from virgin fibre polymer which extends the lifespan and improves strength. The plastic coating around the composite material gives added protection against scratching, staining and fading.

    As Duro 2.0 composite decking is solid, it has far higher density and strength than hollow WPC boards.

    When using the aluminium joist terrace substructure, the Duro 2.0 decking system is almost entirely rot-proof decking solution.

    Board lengths are 2,200mm x 140mm wide.

    easychange composite decking

    How to connect Duro 2.0 composite decking

    A solid substructure is essential for long-term, high performance installations There are a number of ways to fix Duro 2.0 composite decking boards. Fixing options include:

    Composite or aluminium joists

    These materials match the superior quality of your board.

    • The aluminium substructure is ideal for areas with a low height threshold and mimics traditional timber substructure.
    • Composite joists ensure no rotting of substructure

    The boards will be fitted to the joists using the iFly hidden clips.  


    Duro 2.0 can also be laid onto the iDecking EasyChange system:

    • EasyChange system incorporates a mobile clip fixing which can be opened to unlock and lift the boards, giving access to the sub-floor.


    The connection types below are compatible with this material:
    Aluminium Joists

    Aluminium Joists

    Our aluminium joists mimics the build of traditional timber substructure but with many key advantages.

    • Can achieve ultra low height thresholds. As little as 55mm total buildup depending on board choice.
    • Will not rot, warp or bend like timber joists.
    • 100% recyclable Material
    • Aluminium will not expand and contract like timber joists
    • Lightweight and easy to work with Material.
    • We have a special headpiece on our pedestals to accommodate the aluminium joists
    • Depending on board choice, we have a number of hidden fixings available. i-Fly, 4 Hook, Remo
    Composite Joists

    Composite Joists

    Our composite joists are sturdy and ideal for use with almost any board on the market.

    • Will not rot, warp or bend like timber joists.
    • Dimensions 3600mm x 38mm x 88mm
    • 3.7kg/m (linear)
    • Ideal for decking joists/sub-frame
    • Compatible with our pedestals to lift to required height
    • Depending on board choice, we have a number of hidden fixings available – i-Fly, 4 Hook, Remo
    iDecking EasyChange

    iDecking EasyChange

    The Easychange i-Decking system uses a hidden fixing that allows for the boards to be unlocked using a key. This is ideal for when you need access to the sub floor for maintenance or repairs.

    • Sustainable, non-rotting decking system
    • Integrated substructure and deck board
    • Clean lines, uninterrupted surface
    • Composite, bamboo and tropical hardwood options available
    • Bare foot friendly
    • Ideal for low thresholds (whole system from 83mm)
    • Faster, easier installation
    • Ideal for domestic or commercial use

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