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    An image of a completed deck installation using Etherno decking tiles

    Why is Thermo Bamboo so good?

    Thermo Bamboo is made with the patented heat treatment to produce ad high density, dimensionally stable decking product. It has a straight grain ensuring stability and prevents warping and splitting. With clean lines and bare foot friendly it is the obvious alternative to tropical hardwoods. This product is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

    Thermo Bamboo is a high quality, ultra-hard bamboo fibre decking material aimed at the premium domestic and commercial markets.

    It has superior resistance to weathering, is highly resistant to water absorption, and has a fire resistance of Euroclass B1 fire – Bf1-s1 (DIN EN 13501-1:2010).

    In fact, by using the aluminium substructure system users can achieve a B Roof T4 classification on podiums and roofs since Thermo Bamboo is fire rated B1.

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    Why is Thermo Bamboo sustainable?

    Bamboo is a fast growing grass, not a wood. The stems are not cut down but shorn down to the roots. Therefore, the bamboo remains alive and can grow back immediately after harvesting. Crucially the roots are not ripped out of the ground when the bamboo is harvested so the topsoil is not lost and the forest floor and wildlife it supports is less disturbed.

    Bamboo is extremely fast growing, up to 1 metre per day, so fully replenish extremely quickly. The harvesting can be staggered over a 4 to 5 year period so the plants remain growing even though certain sections of it are removed at intervals. This means higher yield from a smaller jungle footprint and no deforestation making Thermo Bamboo an environmentally friendly raw material.
    Thermo Bamboo is covered by EPD, the Environmental Product Declaration (in accordance with EN 15804) which is a ‘cradle to gate’ environmental impact assessment for products over their entire lifecycle, including transport through to installation on site and End of Life.

    Thermo Bamboo is also rated as CO2 neutral. What does this mean? The natural cycle of plants is that they absorb Co2 during their lifetime and release it back into the atmosphere when they die. By harvesting and processing the bamboo we are able to lock the CO2 into the material for its entire lifecycle / recycle.

    It has been estimated that as much as 1.662 tonnes of CO2 is contained in each cubic metre of harvested bamboo. Since the plant is not destroyed but simply cropped, new shoots will grow almost immediately, restarting the carbon capture process in the forest. Studies have shown that bamboo captures more CO2 than almost all wood species .

    How to calculate CO2 capture in bamboo.

    Thermo Bamboo can be supplied with FSC® certificate. However, it is possibly not the most relevant authority as bamboo is a grass, not a wood and is harvested through annual thinning, not felling the whole plant. This means forest depletion or destruction is not an issue with bamboo. Notwithstanding, FSC® certificate is available if required.

    Because Thermo Bamboo is a grass, not a wood, it is not included in the category of products regulated by UNI 11538-1


    Why is Thermo Bamboo durable?

    Thermo Bamboo has an incredibly straight grain without knots so is unlikely to twist, shear or splinter over a prolonged period.

    Thermo Bamboo is part manufactured and becomes harder than tropical hardwoods through the thermo process. It is steamed, rather than being dried in a kiln, which removes moisture and sugars from the fibres. This removes bacteria and fungi activity within the fibres, making Thermo Bamboo denser, drier and more rot-proof than tropical hardwoods.

    The bamboo fibres are pressed and glued under heavy pressure to produce a dense, super hard, stable decking board with a specific gravity of 1,200kg/m3. This means Thermo Bamboo has long term resistance to traffic damage, weathering and fading.

    Thermo Bamboo carries a Class Bf l-s1 fire rating.
    It is rated “Very Durable – Class 1” for biological durability test EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, Class 0 for Blue Stain fungal resistance – test EN152 and Class 4 for use – test EN335.

    It has a higher mass density than almost all tropical hardwoods.

    Thermo Bamboo is suitable for domestic and commercial decking projects including areas subject to high levels of foot traffic. It is ideal for low environmental impact and sustainable projects.
    When using the aluminium joist terrace substructure, the Thermo Bamboo decking system is almost entirely rot-proof due to the high density of the thermo bamboo material.

    Board lengths are 1,850mm x 140mm wide


    How to connect Thermo Bamboo

    A solid substructure is essential for long-term, high performance installations There are a number of ways to fix Thermo Bamboo decking boards.

    Fixing options include:

    Composite or aluminium joists

    These materials match the superior quality of your board.

    • The aluminium substructure is ideal for areas with a low height threshold and mimics traditional timber substructure.
    • Composite joists ensure no rotting of substructure

    The boards will be fitted to the joists using the iFly hidden clips.  


    Thermo Bamboo can also be laid on either:

    • EasyClick system for a faster install with the board clicks into the substructure removing the need for screws.
    • EasyChange system incorporates a mobile clip fixing which can be opened to unlock and lift the boards, giving access to the sub-floor.


    Aluminium Joists

    Aluminium Joists

    Our aluminium joists mimics the build of traditional timber substructure but with many key advantages.

    • Can achieve ultra low height thresholds. As little as 55mm total buildup depending on board choice.
    • Will not rot, warp or bend like timber joists.
    • 100% recyclable Material
    • Aluminium will not expand and contract like timber joists
    • Lightweight and easy to work with Material.
    • We have a special headpiece on our pedestals to accommodate the aluminium joists
    • Depending on board choice, we have a number of hidden fixings available. i-Fly, 4 Hook, Remo
    Composite Joists

    Composite Joists

    Our composite joists are sturdy and ideal for use with almost any board on the market.

    • Will not rot, warp or bend like timber joists.
    • Dimensions 3600mm x 38mm x 88mm
    • 3.7kg/m (linear)
    • Ideal for decking joists/sub-frame
    • Compatible with our pedestals to lift to required height
    • Depending on board choice, we have a number of hidden fixings available – i-Fly, 4 Hook, Remo


    The Easychange system uses a hidden fixing that allows for the boards to be unlocked using a key. This is ideal for when you need access to the sub floor for maintenance or repairs.

    • Sustainable, non-rotting decking system
    • Integrated substructure and deck board
    • Clean lines, uninterrupted surface
    • Composite, bamboo and tropical hardwood options available
    • Bare foot friendly
    • Ideal for low thresholds (whole system from 83mm)
    • Faster, easier installation
    • Ideal for domestic or commercial use