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Protection & Drainage

D Plus range

D Plus range

Fixing and pin made from polypropylene, designed for hammering into pre-drilled hole within the structure.

  • Sleeve diameter 10mm
  • Pin length from 70 to 220mm long
  • Sold in full box quantities of 200 pieces per box (220mm long pins at 100 pieces per box)
DH range

DH range

Sheath manufactured from polymide plastic with pin made from stainless steel.

  • Higher Tension strength / bearing capacity
  • D H fixings can be fitted into a pre-drilled hole or hammered directly into the structure
  • Sleeve diameter 8mm
  • D H Range sold in full box quantities of 200 pieces per box

Technical Data - D Plus Anchor

CODEDescription &  Sleeve Diameter / length of pin
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/070-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/70mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/090-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/90mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/120-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/120mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/140-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/140mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/160-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/160mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/180-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/180mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/200-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/200mm (box of 200)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DPLUS-10/220-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D PLUS 10/220mm (box of 100)

Technical Data - DH Anchor

CODEDescription &  Sleeve Diameter / length of pin
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-090-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 90mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-110-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 110mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-130-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 130mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-150-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 150mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-170-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 170mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)
AF-DOWEL-THERM-DH-190-ZFixing Dowels THERMOMASTER D-H 190mm (metal pin, 200 pieces)

CAD Drawings

  • D Plus Anchor – hammer fixed plastic pin – strong
  • D-H Anchor – drill fixing with metal pin

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