Recycled Geotextile Membranes – All You Need To Know

Wallbarn supply a large recycled geotextile membrane range in a number of different densities & materials. This geotextile fabric range is absolutely ideal for a many different uses, including protection, drainage, filtration, soil stabilisation & green roofing.

Wallbarn’s range of geoxtextile fabrics includes a fabric in the form of a sustainable material called recycled geotextile membrane.

What Is a Recycled Geoxtextile Membrane?

These geotextiles are available as a white material and a multicoloured fabric. The white fabric is slightly stronger than the multicoloured fabric.

Both fabrics have a lower tensile strength than virgin materials, but this reflects the fact that they are recycled existing fibres. They represent significant cost savings and as they are recycled materials they help with sustainability criteria including BREEAM ratings, for example.

Our recycled geotextile membrane range has proven to be extremely popular with the designers and applicators of sustainable construction projects particularly within green roof and bio-diverse roof systems in conjunction with our other sustainable products on offer.

What Applications are Recycled Geoxtextile Membranes Suited For?

Our recycled geotextile membrane range is supplied packed into tight rolls and we can supply material in a variety of roll sizes, from 1 metre wide up to 6 metres wide for very large-scale projects.

These super-jumbo rolls make installation much faster and easier as there will be less individual rolls to sew or seal together – ideal for applications such as landfills.

Geotextile products also have a wide range of use in conjunction with civil engineering solutions. These can be:

  • a geotextile filter-fabric in road construction
  • geotextiles prevent drainage systems from clogging with fine particles
  • erosion control with geotextiles
  • geotextiles are used as soil reinforcement agents & as a filter medium in road construction

Recycled polyester geotextile fabrics are particularly well suited for use with horticultural solutions. Some of these uses are:

  • prevention of weed growth with geotextiles: ‘a weed control fabric’, often by placing a geotextile layer on top of bare soil & then covering it with a mulch
  • moisture conservation with geotextiles, again by placing the geotextile above the soil & applying a mulch above
  • a filter layer (e.g. beneath a vegetated roof)
  • a weed control layer (e.g. beneath a gravel path)

Further Information

If you would like any more information regarding our recycled polyester geotextile membrane range, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to help.