Enhancing Structural Integrity

Wallbarn specialise in supplying products that help to give high quality structural protection to your property. Our Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board provides a premier level of impact & abrasion resistance & is also completely waterproof.

This semi flexible board is a convenient way to ensure that structural protection is granted to waterproofing membranes against damage caused by site traffic, mechanical damage & ground settlement.

The board is covered on both sides by a polythene film. This means it can be used on surfaces not normally compatible with bitumen. The film avoids the bitumen bleeding onto other surfaces or the boards sticking together during storage.

Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-boards provide a comprehensive level of structural protection & are completely waterproof & rot proof. They can be immersed in water without risk of delaminating or compromising their performance.

Our Bituminous Protecto-boards are ideal for providing structural protection to vertical applications. They can also be heated with a blow torch & fixed to the substrate – the bitumen softening temporarily & bonding to it – so that the entire surface of the Protecto-board is comprehensively adhered. By being bonded there is no risk of water, dust or other particles passing through the joints & onto the membrane beneath.


Creating An Environmentally Friendly Open Space

Green roofs and living walls offer a fantastic method of utilising an attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open space which would otherwise be wasted on standard flat roofs and podium decks.  Offering a variety of considerable benefits (for more of these, please click here), the popularity of green roofing systems are growing rapidly and it only takes a little bit of basic research to see why.

Below we have a video which highlights just how easy it is to install this new innovation onto a roof top.

Making a Statement

One of the reasons that green roofing systems are growing in popularity (on top of the hugely positive environmental benefits offered), is that they offer the chance to make a great statement about you and your property.

If you are a home-owner and have decided to have a variation of green roof fitted, you will quickly find that you have a number of options available.

Please take a moment to check out the excellent blog titled ‘What does your roof say about you?‘ to see just how diverse and varied some of these roofs can be.

For more on the great new M-Tray Modular Green Roofing System, please click here.

Green Roof Benefits: What You Need To Know

Green roofs (a type of roof that utilizes and creates a natural habitat on the rooftop, also known as a living roof) are slowly gaining popularity in both urban centres and rural areas. This roof uses a waterproofing membrane and a root barrier that makes it possible for one to plant grass, or any other light vegetation on the rooftop. Unlike other conventional roofing materials that only provide shelter, green roofs come with many other environmental benefits among many others. Some of the main green roof benefits that come with using this type of a roof are discussed below.

1.         Environmental benefits

These roofs have a positive impact on the environment in that; they help reduce carbon dioxide concentration as grass and other vegetation aid in air purification. Air Green Roof Benefits: What You Need To Knowaround most urban centres is mostly toxic because very few trees or grass are present. However, having some vegetation on every apartment’s rooftop can help deal with the toxic air.

Another key benefit of using a green roof is that, it helps conserve heat by reducing heat loss during winter, and reducing heat absorption into the house during hot weather and summer. If these type of roofs are installed in all buildings in the city centre, then the city’s temperature is due to drop remarkably during summer.

These roofs have also shown the ability to reduce stormwater runoff.  Stormwater is often destructive as it carries away anything in its way, as well as damage waterways. These roofs however retain water reducing its speed and impact on these waterways.

2.         Durability

Green roofs last many times longer than roofing shingles exposed to UV rays. The grass and soil covering the waterproofing membrane protects the roof from harmful UV rays that cause faster degradation especially on conventional roofs. If installed correctly, these roofs can last two times longer than the most durable roofing materials in the market today. Little to no maintenance is required for these roofs thus making them cost efficient and value for your money.

3.         Fire Retardation And Noise Reduction

Conventional roofs generate more heat especially when the house or a substance is on fire as compared to green roofs. The reason is that a living roof can withstand intense heat thus making it possible to contain house fires. In addition to this, living roofs reduce sound from the outside by a whopping 40 decibels. This makes your home or the office quieter especially in noisy neighbourhoods and near airports.

Living roofs are considerably the best type of roofs you might want in your home. Consider having one installed to enjoy these and many other green roof benefits.

For more on our range of green roofing options, please visit the dedicated section on our website by clicking here.


If It’s Good Enough For Facebook

Facebook employees looking for a break from sitting hunched over a computer don’t need to venture far from the company’s new office space. They just need to walk upstairs — to the roof.

A 9-acre green roof sits atop the tech firm’s new Frank Gehry-designed building across from its main headquarters, filled with a plethora of native trees and flowers, lawn furniture, white boards, viewing decks and a half-mile walking trail overlooking the city’s marshlands. It’s more like a park than the top of an office and big enough to accommodate a large number of the 2,800 employees who are expected to eventually fill up the newly opened building, even on a warm summer’s day.

Boosting Concentration

A recent article in the Daily Mail has also highlighted a University of Melbourne study which has found that that the installation of a green roof can alsoIf It's Good Enough For Facebook help to improve the levels of concentration of employees.

The article explained:

Students who glanced at an image of a flowering meadow green roof in the middle of a boring task, did much better than those who looked at a bare concrete roof picture, a study has found.

The University of Melbourne research, published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, involved 150 students pressing numbers repeatedly flashed on a computer screen, unless it was the number three. 

Midway through the task, they had a 40-second break when half looked at the green roof and the rest at the concrete one. The first group made significantly less errors and showed superior concentration on the rest of the task compared to the others, said lead researcher Dr Kate Lee.

The green roof boosted the mental resources controlling attention. So just a moment of green could provide a boost for tired workers, she said.

“We know that green roofs are great for the environment but now we can say that they boost attention too,” she said.

For more on this story, please click here.

To view many of the other benefits available with the installation of a green wall system, please visit the dedicated area on our website by clicking here.