Bringing Green Roofs To Royal Ascot

The M-Tray green roof at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is an annual Flat racing meeting held for five days in mid-June which is one of the highlights of the UK’s sporting year. Hosting 18 Group races (the highest quality Flat races), this year’s event is taking place and providing a welcome distraction from the current issues.

The Perfect Solution

Issues relating to accessibility and concerns relating to disruption during installation are common reasons for property owners assuming that the installation of a green roof may not be possible for their building. Particularly when it comes to retrofitting a green roof onto a rooftop area.

However, thanks to the modular nature of the M-Tray®, we are able to provide a viable option for areas which are simply not suitable for other types of green roof installation.

Wallbarn is at the forefront of developments in the green roofing sector and has always provided products that combine top-quality ingredients with user-friendly, hassle-free maintenance. The purpose of M-Tray® is to enhance rooftop living.

A Stunning Installation

As the trays simply clip together they are quick and easy to install. The vegetation begins to blend within days giving plenty of time to look their best before being exposed to the general public.

Once clipped together, the vegetation in the trays blends together resulting in a seamless green roof.

Ascot racecourse green roof

Here’s to a fantastic week at a truly iconic venue, known throughout the world!

A Viable Solution For Retrofit Projects

An image of a green roof installation on a house

With dimensions of 500mm x 500mm x 100mm (4 per square metre), the new M-Tray® modular green roofing system has been designed to significantly improve the ease of installation.

Easy Estimates & Installation

Exactly 4 units per m² make estimating and installing much easier. M-Tray® modules are extremely easy to transport and deliver. They can also be used in areas where standard roll-out is not possible.

They are easily transported to the site by pallet and can then be stacked neatly onto a parcel trolley. Each M-Tray® unit is self-contained and needs no additional aggregate which means zero disruption, zero mess. 

Perfect For Difficult To Access Areas

During installation at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow, access to the roof was through a busy working hotel which could have been an issue were it not for the highly portable shape of our specially-designed M-Trays®.

During a previous installation at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow, access was a major issue to this hotel project and a roll-out green roof system was impossible due to the fact that much of the materials had to be moved through the building, a working hotel.

A Viable Solution

Our M-Tray® modular green roof system modules were really the only currently viable solution as the planted units could be walked through the lobby where required and hand-balled onto the roof structure.

The easy-to-fit modules were connected together using the specially designed fittings and the whole green roof was constructed within one day.

The hotel guests, who had previously been overlooking a flat roof with a black bitumen surface, now had a live, growing, green rooftop view from their rooms.

The Key Advantages of the M-Tray® Modular Green Roofing System

Modular systems are much more convenient and are faster and future proof compared to roll-out green roof systems.

  • Deeper cavities for extra root growth
  • Optimum drainage leading to stronger plant growth
  • More established vegetation at point of installation
  • More efficient transport and packaging
  • Exactly 4 units per m²
  • Easier to carry trays with smooth handles
  • A closer connection between trays ensures more seamless plant growth
  • No sharp edges ensure reduced risk to the membrane
  • Nothing spills out, less mess
  • Made from recycled plastic with a recycled substrate
  • Less packaging means less waste
  • UK designed and manufactured

Contact Us

If you would like more information relating to our M-Tray® modular green roof system, please contact us on Tel. No. 0208 916 2222 today.

GLA Report

GLA report shows green roofs continue to thrive across London

`…the report reviews London’s game-changing 2008 budding greening policy and looks at the incredible impact it has had on London’s landscape…delivered without subsidies or financial incentives..’

The report was written by Dusty Gedge and Gary Grant of the Green Infrastructure Consultancy on behalf of the GLA and published by the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations

It was launched by London Deputy Mayor Shirley Rodrigues at the third European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC).

To view the report, please click here.

Report launched by GLA Deputy Mayor

“…I have been delighted to witness the patchwork of green roofs and walls spreading across London’s skyline, alongside the establishment of a worldclass industry that is working towards the greening of London and other cities…”

“…The Mayor will, and boroughs should, expect major developments to incorporate living roofs and walls where feasible…”

Shirley Rodrigues
Deputy Mayor of London, Environment & Energy

Wallbarn, as a leading player in the green roofs industry, is proud to feature in the report, having itself designed and developed a unique, modular green roof solution which it now distributes across the UK and further afield.

While one of our residential projects is featured in full as part of the report, Wallbarn also supplied materials to no fewer than three of the other projects outlined by the report: Goodman Fields, Woodbury Down and Hackney Road.

‘London currently accounts for around 40% of all green roofs installed in the UK’

‘London’s Central Activity Zone (CAZ) is continually undergoing extensive regeneration and renewal’

‘The shading and cooling of buildings also reduces the urban heat island (UHI) effect’

The report serves to underline the key benefits of green roofs and living walls:

  • Surface water management
  • Urban cooling
  • Biodiversity
  • Air quality
  • Health and well being
  • Noise reduction
  • Potential carbon sequestration