Deck Planner

Visualise how the iDecking system can transform your outdoor space with the help of our online planning tool. 

A screenshot of our deckplanner software
  1. Click the button below to launch the Deck Planner
  2. Click “Select a Room Style” to choose the photo that most resembles your space
  3. Click “Select Your Flooring” to choose your style or use the dropdown options to help you narrow down your requirements
  4. This will now appear as a large image on your screen which you can save to the gallery
  5. If you click on “My Gallery” you will see the final image which you can share, print and even email to us to get a quote or a sample
A screenshot of our deckplanner software
Launch Deck Planner

If you have a project in mind where you are considering iDecking as a solution, please feel free to call us. A member of the team will be only too happy to help you accurately scope out what you need.