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Deck Planner

If you are looking to install the iDecking system, there is a fantastic tool available that will help you visualise how your new deck will look and to choose the material that looks best for your installation.

Deck Planner Software
  1. Please click here to launch the deck planner or click the button towards the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the “Select a Room Style” option. Choose the photo that is the closest to your installation. Alternatively for a small charge you can upload your own photo *.
  3. Click the “Select Your Flooring” option. You can select a flooring type directly, or you can use the dropdown options on the left to help you narrow down your required material.
  4. This will now appear as a large image on your screen which you can save to the gallery.
  5. If you click on “My Gallery” you will see the final image in there.  You can share this on Facebook, email it or print. Also if you wish you can request a quote or a sample directly from the “My Gallery” section.

* Please note that this software has been developed by a third party and as such any payments are made directly to them. If you have any queries relating to this please contact them directly.


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