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    Find Out How Green Roofs Can Transform Almost Any Lost Space

    February 27th, 2020

    Whilst the name ‘green roofs’ will undoubtedly make many people look to the skies as they automatically think of the building rooftops, the versatility of the M-Tray® ensures that they are suitable for a wide variety of open and lost spaces, regardless of size, with some projects taking place much closer to the ground!

    One of our previous projects resulted from a request from a residential customer who wanted to ensure that a recently installed garden storage unit on the back of his home was more attractive.

    By giving it a green roof. The M-Tray®, being modular in shape and incredibly easy to install, lent itself perfectly to the job.

    Providing Easy Access

    The green roof components needed to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roof systems, with their bags of aggregate-based substrate and sedum blankets spilling compost and plant matter, are extremely messy to transport and install.

    The M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation.

    Taking a closer look at the M-Tray®

    Our M-Tray® modular green roofing system has been further improved to make sedum roofs easier to install with less disruption to both the plants and the structure. M-Tray® is also designed to give a more seamless, verdant finish and an instant green roof.

    Wallbarn is at the forefront of developments in the green roofing sector and has always provided products that combine top-quality ingredients with user-friendly, hassle-free maintenance. The purpose of M-Tray® is to enhance rooftop living.

    What makes the M-Tray® green roof unique?

    • Mature, established vegetation
    • Click-together trays create a seamless connection
    • Easy to transport and install
    • Specially-mixed substrate for the longevity of plant life
    • 100mm deep cavities for healthy roots
    • Optimum drainage means stronger plants
    • No sharp edges or mess meaning minimum disruption to plants, deck structure and inhabitants!

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