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    Hidden Fixings For Timber Decking

    October 1st, 2015

    The range of systems available from the iDecking Revolution allows our customers to finish their decking to an exceptional standard with the minimum of fuss.

    A Clean Decking Surface

    Choosing the innovative systems available from the iDecking Revolution ensures that you will be left with a finish allowing you to walk on a totallyEnvironmentally Friendly Timber Decking Systems clean decking surface.  In fact, the installing systems patented by iDeck ensure that your decking can be installed without the need of any screws, screwdrivers, glues, spacers, alignment lines or any other traditional ways that compromise both aesthetic and technical results.

    Once in place, the hidden fixings offered by the patented ‘EasyClick’ and ‘EasyChange’ systems are practically invisible and give a wonderful finish to your decking project.

    Easy Installation Techniques

    The ‘EasyClick’ and ‘EasyChange’ offer two different types of hidden decking fixings which enable the quick and easy fittings of your decking boards without having to drill holes in order to ensure that they are well fitted.

    The following videos may help you to choose which system will offer the ideal solution for your individual circumstances.

    The ‘EasyChange’ System

    The primary advantage of installing a decking system with hidden fixings relates to the high-quality finish which will be achieved.

    Providing a Safe, Quality Finish

    There can be no escaping the fact that a deck without nail or screw holes is easier on the eye than a finish that has been screwed into its fittings. There is also an increased safety aspect as well. Anyone with small children will be only too aware of the fact that hidden fixings mean remove the risk of either protruding nails or screws, causing painful and serious accidents to prying fingers.

    When combined with the fact that when the time comes to re-sand and re-treat your deck, this will be made much easier without having to worry about countersinking any protruding nails or screws.

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